Armstrong State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




There is not a worst thing.


Armstrong has many appealing qualities however activities to suffice a typical freshman living on campus without a car is very difficult. The focus on students living on campus is prioritized on a lesser scale than for the commuters. Therefore if you do not have a car you will end up bored on campus during the weekend.


Every college student wants to party! This school really doesn't have that many parties on campus. The weekends are usually spent having your own group movie nights in the lounge rooms or playing ping pong or simply hangout outside. If you want to have a party then most likely it will happen off campus. For me, this is a drawback for the school because some people see it as boring in the partying aspect of things.


I have not been in a school since graduating from high school in 1984. I was not prepared for the intense admission process to attend an University. I decided to proseed with the process and found that the web site was not as user friendly as hoped. Getting into see an advisor was not available to me until the application was filled out through their online web site. My experience during this process educated me to help my two sons avoid the same difficulties I had expirenced.


They are too unorganized in the summer. Does not process information/applications in a timely matter. Not enough diverse and interesting clubs. For example, I am an engineering student, but there are no groups that pertain to my area.


location! im still fairly close to home, and the city i wish to live in well is about 300 miles away, too bad this school isnt there...


The transfer process took a long time and was very unorganized.


There is not alot of help as far as advisement and what classes to take. Alot of advisors are more concerned about you taking major classes, and they push your core classes to aside. They try to load you up with your major classes, and then when you want to take a core class it is not offered so you have to wait another semester in order to take what you need.


Not enough ways to go in and out of campus!


School spirit is easily the work thing about Armstrong Atlantic State University; students a very unsuportive of our athletics, and many are unaware of the progress our athletic teams are making.


The food choices...its too dry and sometimes too original.


Getting in contact with professors, having a social life on campus because people of the same race seem to all associate with each other, and the work load is over whelming because all test/projects are seemingly scheduled around the same time.


There is not a lot of school unity at the school and people tend to stick with who they knew before they entered college (the college is 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} commuter).


I feel that Armstrong Atlantic State University is weak when it comes to the issue of financial aid. The only Finanacial Aid that I have is FAFSA and now in mid October it still has not been applied. I was approved for FAFSA last may and the school told me it was not applied to my account because they are understaffed. This has caused a lot of difficulty in my family because we already have a hard time paying for my tuition and we need that FAFSA to be applied.