Armstrong State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that isn't intersted in furthering their education and just wants to party all the time should not attend this school.


If you're the type of student that is looking for a big college campus with classes that include more than 100 students or is a large party school, then you should not attend Armstrong. Armstrong is a smaller university where everything is within walking distance. Although there are many campus events, there are not many parties that go on on campus so you would have to look off campus for those.


If a person has no interest in their education they should not attend Armstrong Atlantic State University, because of the goal oriented environment.


Individuals that display prejudice mannerisms, bullying, abusive behavior wheather it be verbal or physical. Students who are NOT self motivating and disciplined would not be successful while attending Armstrong Atlantic State University.


A person that is used to a bigger urban life and likes culutre/fashion diversity.


People that don't take getting an education seriously and use this ask a an excape route to go wild.


I think it is a very good school, but if you are looking for small classes and one on one help, this isn't the place for you.


I believe everyone should attend school if they are capabe of learning! College is definitely the most rewarding decision of your lifetime that's advantageous to your future. However, one who doesn't want to dedicate their time to studying or desire to take college life seriously should reconsider attending or rethink their morals and values. AASU, in my opinion, can fit any person's lifestyle. It's a commuter school, small campus, not too large, helpful professors, challenging like colleges should be and accepts anyone who is willing to learn. Education is important therefore every person should attend college.


Someone who is looking for a big school. someone who is not focused on school. we are a little school but it is hard.


Students who think they can party and not complete their school work. You have to study in order to succeed at Armstrong.


Anyone interested in Greek organizations; there are several here, but no crazy parties. This is definitely an academically minded school.