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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well I sort of AM a high school Senior and since I have been in college for almost four years now, I'm pretty sure I've got the transition thing down. I had to really transition from a middle school to both a high school and a college at the same time. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not worry so much about being the best student in every class. You can't always be perfect. And organization. That is very important. Try to keep your assignments and everything organized and it will definitely help you go far in your classes.


College life is completely different from the high school experience. Even though the professos at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College care about you as a person, you must also realize that you are more of an adult now that you are no longer in highschool. Your classes and attending them is your responsibility. As a young adult, you are expected to operate in the respect that you are capable of maintaining a GPA that is reflectant of your ability. It is to your advantage to make sound moral decisions, confirming that you are interested in not only attaining an education, but also in making a wealth of new connections to a life that will nurture your adulthood. The community where I go to school is friendly, tolerant, and appreciative of diversity and I feel that this type of environment is the best one in which anyone can learn. I never fail to feel accepted and I am always able to communicate with my professors and fellow classmates. Advice? Jump in, getting both feet wet. Never settle for an instant of memories when you can accomplish a lifetime of experience.


I would tell myself not to take hard classes the first semester, instead let that semester be your transition semester. It really does take a whole semester to figure out your college routine and learn how to take advantage of all of the available help on campus. I also would tell myself to not be afraid to take remedial classes because it looks but much better on your transcripts to have an A in a remedial class than an F in a regular class because you were not prepared.


I would tell myself that its better to go onto school instead of taking a break. I would be so much farther in life if I hadn't waited to attend college.