Ashland University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Not very much diversity.


The only frustrating thing about the school is the inability to live off campus. Ashland is a residential school for all four years. However, the on-campus living requirement is designed to build community among the students and create a strong, united student body. While some may feel that this policy is restrictive, it is actually designed to assist students in establishing a strong network with other students and faculty members.


how expensive books are and how the bookstore will only give you like two dollars for a book you spent over 100 or more dollars on. and i think our dorms can be a little bit bigger.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that going into Convo (a buffet-style cafeteria where everyone eats) makes me feel like I am still in high school. There are cliques, and the food sometimes gets old just like in a high school cafeteria. There are unwritten rules for where and where not to sit, and people make unnecessary commotion if someone accidently drops something. I know there are always going to be immature people no matter where you go, but it is frustrting dealing with it at every meal.


The most frustrating thing about Ashland University is that the campus is spread out, making it a bit difficult when the weather is not the best.


It's hard coming into Ashland and being a Agnostic Democrat. It's good to be different, so don't be discouraged. Instead, own it! Join Young Democrats and get involved. There are more of us here than you think!


The campus is depressing.


The weekends can be boring some of the time, there are not that many activities that go on during those days.


The dry campus policy and the visitation policy. We are adult, but our judgements are not trusted by the administration.


For such a small campus, I am appalled at the amount of people who don't know what they want to do with their lives, outside of those graduating with education degrees. I, personally, do not know myself; and it is very disheartening to know that I "will probably" have to go on to graduate school, or "could possibly" graduate with a different degree because of one class I missed out on, or "might never" be the best, but only average. I want answers and there should be enough help around to find them, but there isn't.


The university spends a lot of money on certain aspects, while others get completely ignored.


The amount of people that do here.

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