Ashland University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


One thing that i wish that i had known before coming to this school was how to use my time wisely and how to use calendar exercises effectively. Another thing i wish i had known was how to take notes on all the lectures and how to effectively study for tests. One final thing i wish i had known, was how to stop procrasinating while I have assignments that needed to be completed. Also the other thing that i wish that i had known was how to use microsoft word which I had to use to type all my assignments.


When I decided to go to Ashland University there are many things I wish I knew before starting classes. During all my orientations I heard that you need to study about forty hours a week. In high school I had to study, but not nearly that much,I thought if I just studied like I did in high school I would get the same good grades. When I took my first anatomy test I found out that was not the case. I would have to apply myself and spend most of my down studying to get the grades.


I wish that I would have known how the registration process for classes worked before I came to this school. It is not a bad system but it is a little stressful for freshmen as we schedule very last. The enrollment into Ashland grows every year but the classes as still capped at a small number, which makes it harder to get the classes you want/need when you want/need them. Granted, this will get better as I get older but it was a very stressful experience and I wish I would have been aware of it.


I wish I would have known how hard it was to get scholarhips and loans. I love Ashland University, and I do not want to leave campus. However, if I can't find any extra money, I will be another person to leave the campus.


After high school, I thought that cliques were over, but what I didn't realize was they are going to be a piece of society for the rest of my life. I expected to come here and meet everyone who had an open mind to new people and experiences. However, I have found that that is often not the case. The school is wonderful, but it is small enough that cliques are still very dominant.


I wish I would have known that in order to get a triple door room it goes by class status instead of first come first serve. i also wish i knew that when making class schedules for the semesters that it also is done by class status so as a freshman it is a big possibility that you'll get locked out of a class you wanted to take, but there are waiting list so there is the chance that you can still get into the class.


That I had a lot of growing up to do, and that money was going to be very hard to find.


I wish I would have known the secret of balancing study time and free time before starting my first semester. Actually, I wish I would have known there would be an issue. Throughout high school, the line was clear between homework and relaxation. The majority of my homework was finished at school and my worries and cares were left in the classroom. However at college the classroom is just a ten minute walk and it the work is endless. I think the secret is a sturdy schedule and scattered free time throughout the day to limit stress and pressure.


What I wanted to do with my life


the overall atmosphere and the amount of presssure that would have came with attending college at Ashland University, I dont if there would have been as much if I had gone to a smaller or less pricey organization.


The strict policies and rules.


I wish I had known how fast it would go by.


That the tuition was going to rise each year and that the starting tuition i came in with would go up as well which is unfair.


I really had no unknowns when I came to this school.


That tuition goes up every year

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