Assumption College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always tell them about the Honors Lounge. As an honors student and a member of the Honors Student Council I utilize that area all the time. It is really close to my dorm so I get to print there, study there, hang out there beofre class, and the best part is that there is a Keurig that we get to use. The coffee, sugar, creamer, hot chocolate, and a variety of teas are all provided for us. It makes me feel like all of my academic work is really appreciated and so I always brag about the lounge.


The professors are, for the most part, amazing.


It's a really close knit community where it's surpisingly easy to make friends. My classes are all relatively small, so there's a lot of classrom bonding, and the professors all seem to really care about my experience at Assumption as well as my education its self.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tell them that I made the best decision of my life. I tell them that I have met the greatest friends and that I couldn't have made better choice. I tell them that my professors are fantastic and do anything in their power to help you succeed. I tell them that I could go on for days how amazing Assumption College is.


It is small enough to know almost everyone, to get to know the professors one on one and to get a tutor to help you out. The location is great it is surrounded by beatiful houses and the best part of Worcester. Assumption is impecable and always has beautiful gardens so eventhough it is a school there is still wildlife. Wild turkeys often visit the driveways and there are secluded wooded areas. The gate keepers are also an added sense of security. The school is great academically as well as socially. No fraternity or hazing. Great school!


The good friends that I have met


That I have met some of the most amazing people there. The friends that I have there are going to be life long friends. Also I love the classroom sizes, it is small enough where my professor knows me.


it is religious oriented, culturally focused and geat academic curriculum.


Assumption has a real sense of community. I always brag to people that I can't walk to class or anywhere on campus without seeing a bunch of people that I know, and I love that. Everyone knows everyone and it's such an open, friendly and welcoming environment. It made it so easy to join clubs and groups as a freshman, because even though it was all new to me, I was always encouraged by the people around me to try new things.


The class sizes being small and how engaged the professors are. You can tell they care about their subject areas.


The close sense of community and my friends!


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the community atmosphere and the friends I have made while there. The atmosphere at Assumption is very friendly and open. Anytime a student is in need of help for any reason, I am able to find someone to help me. As for the friends I have made they are some of the greatest people I have met. They are smart and independent people who are motivated to succeed in not only their academics but strive to be good people in general. This was the perfect college for me.


When talking to friends, I mostly tell them about the classroom experience at Assumption. The class sizes are small: the largest class I have ever had was about 40 students. The small classroom sizes allow the professors to give each student more attention and answer more individual questions. In addition, the professors engage the students by using creative ways in their lesson plans. This allows the students to better understand the lesson presented, no matter how difficult it is.


My school is just big enough to get to know a lot of the students and the classes are small enough to become familiar with the professors. Although some of the classes may be difficult if you work hard you can do well. The campus is beautiful and the surroundings are safe. Although when I first attended this school I felt it would be just like high school because of its size, it turned out that it is nothing like high school. Even though it was not my first choice I am so glad I am attending this college.


I tell them that Assumption was voted one of the top 25 schools in New England