Assumption College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is for every individual but especially those who prefer having small classrooms and interacting with professors. The atmosphere is very engaging and allows the professors to know you by first and last name. If you are a student interested in this type of education, this is the perfect school for you because it will allow you to excel.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this schol is someone who likes to party all the time, doesn't take their education seriously, and who gets home sick easily. Everything the average person needs is right here at Assumption, your family can visit any time, but I would suggest living on campus. Everyone here takes pride in their education and supports one another to do better as a whole. If you are aggressive and hostile, people may not know how to react but only try to cheer you up.


Assumption college is very welcoming to all people of every religion, race, and ethnicity. A person who is not comfortable with Catholisim or a msall school should not attend.


If you do not like the country I wouldn't. You also have to be an outgoing kind of person in order to make sure you meet a lot of different people, but that doesn't mean that you can't find great friends if you are on the shy side.


A closed-minded person.


I wouldn't advice anyone who doesn't like people to go to Assumption. I don't mean shy individuals shouldn't go here (on the contrary, I believe the community here would help draw them out of their shells a bit), I mean those who truely dislike dealing with others more than strictly necessary should probably look somewhere else.


A student looking for a large university experience should not attend this school. Assumption College is very much about it small size and close student body.


People who are not willing to work hard.


I believe that someone who wants to just "get-by" in college should not attend Assumption. Someone who isn't open-minded or doesnt like new england weather.


A student who isn't opened to new things, who does not like to get involved, and who doesn't want to comitt to a college.


The people that I met at this school were focused on school. They would rather sit in their room and watch tv and do homework than go out and party or go out to the movies or have fun. I found it to be very laid back. It seems that most students are rich, therefore dont go here if you are looking for a party school.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is shy. Assumption is the kind of school that strongly encourages you to get out of your comfort zone very quickly. The college wants you to get involved in many extra curricular activities as possible and wants you to be socialable. Also, someone who doesn't like a heavy workload should also not go to this school because there is a lot of work in a short period of time.


People who arent very out going and like to keep to themselves


Someone that wants a large campus with huge class sizes.


A person should not attend Assumption College if they have not interest in getting involved in any of our clubs, organizations, and sports. We have so many opportunities to become a student leader and if a student has no interest in taking advantage of that they might be better off somewhere else.


A person who is expecting a huge crowd of people to get lost in or big classrooms should not attend Assumption.


Someone who is only used to and can only thrive in a very diverse, liberal population shouldn't attend this school.


Somone who doesn't enjoy being a part of a close knit community should not attend Assumption College. A person who dislikes giving back to the community, who does not enjoy being involved in school activities, and having a positive attitude about learning and life should probably not attend Assumption.


Extremely liberal, non-preppy kids


The asshole.