Assumption College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Ann Marie

I wish I had understood that even if you entered you freshman year with a major and a carreer path in mind, there is definitely room for change. I entered as a classics major striving to become a high school teacher. Although I haven't completely abandoned that idea, my mind has opened to new roads that I may take in the future. I wish I had understood how quickly your goals can change, because I experienced a lot of anxiety when I started having thoughts of a new path, and it took time to come to terms with that.


I wish I would have known more about financial aid.


It was going to be that cold and getting a job was not that easy




How small it is and I wish there was a shuttle bus that would take us to places each day like to the mall.


There is not anything I wish i knew before I went to the school.


That the diversity rate was very low.


I wish I had known how much I would learn from this school and how its prices are very comparable to other state schools so I could've gone here from the beginning of my degree to the end.


I wish I knew more about the psychology program and the teachers who teach it.


I wish I knew how comfortable I would have felt. As every incoming freshman experiences, I was nervous about making connections with other students and professors. I felt as though I had to try to impress others when I really just needed to be myself and let connections form on their own. Other incoming freshman should do the same and not worry about not forming connectiosn and friendships. It's going to happen - in schools of all size.


How small it actually felt, and that Worcester was not such a nice city. I love the school, but I sometimes wish I went to a little bit bigger school. I also wish I thought about how much money it would end up costing me to go there for 4 years, since we are Division 2, we do not get scholarships for athletics.


I remember during the weeks leading up to my first day of college being so excited, yet so nervous; nervous I wasn't ready, nervous I would not fit in. I realize these are feelings that almost everyone gearing up for their freshman year of college feels, but I think it is important to emphasize that college is what you make of it. Assumption encourages its students to get involved. I think this is probably the best thing for any incoming freshman to do, for it is through involvement that you can find your passions and interests; find you!


I have not attended this school yet, however I have yet to hear one bad thing about the school from anyone who knows about it.


I wish I had known that even though it is a liberal arts college, it is not as diverse as i thought since it is a catholic college. I wish i knew this since many activies are focused on Catholism and God even though it is said that all religions are accepted and there is no bias.


I wish I had known that there are many more gen ed classes you have to take, such as two philosophy classes and theology classes, just because now as a junior I have no room to take classes that I am interested in taking for enjoyment. I know I do go to Catholic College and that those classes are required and I did know that, however I didn't realize that it was that inconvenient.


I wish I had known that this school had so many wealthy students who judged you based on what you wore. This school reminds me of high school sometimes