Auburn University at Montgomery Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The advisors plain and simple.


The worst thing at my school was the fact it did not have a football team. On the weekends when schools were heavily active on campus, our school was "dead". The few students that were on there were either studying or stuck in their rooms. Most students either went home or joined the other nearby campuses as they paraded for their respective teams. I feel if the school was to start a football team, it would bring more notoriety to the school by broadening the its name thus bringing more students. I also feel it would increase thre schools revenue.


My school does not advise the students very well. The advisors assigned to students do not always seem to have the goal of graduating the student in the most efficient manner. I had to rely on older students to tell me in which order to take my classes. Those that listened to advisors and not the other students ended up graduating up to two years later!


The layout of the buildings, especially the steepness of the stairs.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of campus activities. The attitudes of some of the staff members.


I generally enjoy the campus, so picking one thing that I do not like about Auburn University of Montgomery is suprisingly difficult. If anything, it would be the lack of certain studies and the over all size of the campus. I would love to go to a more reputable and larger school, just for the sense of pride for knowing where I go and where I plan to get my degree from. As far as comuter colleges go, it isn't a bad school.