Auburn University at Montgomery Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Auburn University in Montgomery is a great school that hosts a lot of great students with many opportunities for greatness.


It is a great school. The professors and faculty are extremely helpful. I love the atmosphere.


College has been nothing less than eye opening. Having the chance to be exposed to such a variety of people on campus as well as a quality education in the classroom is second to none. I love Auburn at Montgomery's campus, it has a prime location and is a comfortable size. The staff at this institution are nothing short of helpful and friendly. The library tower has got to be the most valuable asset provided to students, although they offer many other quality services in the career center and counseling offices. There are a enough campus social groups that you can join should you feel the need to, but there aren't so many that you feel overwhelmed. There aren't many fraternities/sororities on campus but the ones that are there have a positive presence, they don't have the typical "big school frat" attitude. All in all, even though AUM wasn't my first choice I am very happy with my decision to attend here. It has been everything I wanted it to be and even more than I needed. Very good people, very good facilities, and even better education. As a student I can't ask for much more.