Auburn University at Montgomery Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe hat best thing about my college would be education. I have learned more things at AUM in one semester than I have ever learned in the four years of attending highschool.


The best thing about my school is the academic advising. As a college senior, it's very important for me to take the appropriate classes in order to get my degree. All of the advising I've ever had at AUM has been absolutely wonderful! The advisors were very detailed and told me exactly what classes I needed.


The best thing is that most of the professors know what they are talking about. They really love teaching and they really want to help you.


I have met some of the most amazing people during my short attendance at AUM. I know that I will be in touch wit hthese people for the rest of my life. Through them I have increased my love for dancing and gotten closer with Jesus Christ.


I belive the best thing about my school is that every class room has either 25 students or less in them. The small classes makes it easier to get help from the teacher.


The atmosphere of AUM is truly welcoming. New students feel more at ease based on the friendliness of staff and peers. After each student goes through orientation, they become instantly acclimated with the layout of the school and staff, and whatever worries they may have had subside.


The best thing about AUM is the faculty-student relationship. The professors here really seem to care about your progress. Classes are also small, and that makes for a better learning enviroment.


the friendliness of fellow students and faculty and how included everone makes you feel . but the financial aid department is VERY lazy and unwilling to help. It's a wonder I still have any financial aid to still attend. They are INCREDIBLY incompetent. I have to do surveys like this all the time to secure my place in school


The teachers are very helpful.


The best thing I consider about my school is living on campus. Even though the campus is dead at times, I will find a way to entertain myself. My friends and I will get together and find something to do. We will find people to talk too so the campus won't be so dead.


The amazing student-teacher interaction is great. I know all my professors and have developed great relationships with them over the several years I have been here.