Augsburg College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Science Program, Luthern College


My school is best known for it's community and diversity.


Augsburg is one of the most friendliest colleges in the MIAC. I would also have to say that wrestling is what the college is most known for athletics wise. It is also a small campus with small classrooms. Augsburg is also very helpful by making college affordable.


they are best known for people that help out the community with volunteering people. We help pepple who need it and help people who surround the college. By giving back to them.


Our school is best known for many great things. First off we are a very diverse community. You get to learn a lot about others culture and religions. Also we are known for a program called Step-Up. This is for people who are recovering from drugs and alcohol abuse.


I would say for being Christian and environmental friendly.


Great Wrestling Tradition


Theology, scientific research, community involvement & activism, liberalism, partying


Good academics, great professors, a sense of community, a great location in the city and by the Mississippi River.


Men's varsity wrestling


I would have to say our wrestling team, and of course, academics.


Our diversified, small campus, that is helpful for any one looking to get a quality education. We are one of the few colleges with a Step UP program to help students with an addiction get an education.


Small class sizes, good music program, our own community in the middle of a big city


The small class sizes and wonderful sense of community. There is a real tight knit sense of togetherness between the school community and the surrounding community.


A close community feel and acceptance.