Augsburg College Top Questions

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The school is small but just about right. The classes are small and very helpful.


Augsburg College is so diverse and it feels like such a community here. There is a community for everyone no matter what your religion, age, race, or sexuality is. Everyone is so accepting of others and so nice and I can guarantee you that everyone here has friends from other cultural backgrounds. We feel proud to represent our small, liberal arts school that is fit for anyone who is looking to be part of something fun yet academically challenging at the same time. The best part about Augsburg is that you can be yourself.


Augsburg really puts an emphasis on community work and getting to know the neighborhoods and city around the college which I really liked. The neighborhood is very diverse and there is always something going on around the school. It's also in a great location, close to downtown and uptown. While touring the college, I felt so welcomed by the staff and students and still do now that I'm attending Augsburg.


It is really personal and small classes, but the location is prime for internships, job searching. The location allows for many oppurtunities once graduated. It is a very unique school becuase of the location and size.


Augsburg College is much smaller than most schools. This offers a great classroom experience and an opportunity to really learn from professors and get to know other students. I have found the size to be a unique advantage to Augsburg.


I think Augsburg is unique because it is a smaller school where professors get to know their students individually. I have been to many of my professors houses and have friendly relationships with them.


It was close to my hometown, and it offered a good study abroad program, which was important to me. It also was the only school that sent me a financial aid award upon completing the application.


It's a private Liberal College, with small classes. I think the fact that there isnt really a huge minority and that everyone basically gets along makes this school unique.


I only looked at a few and some where really party oriented and I needed something more balanced. One where I could study but find entertainment when needed. I also felt comfortable here and the people I met before actually starting really helped.