Augsburg College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"To thine own self, be true!" You have to find a school that makes you feel absolutely comfortable when you first set foot on campus. Trust me, you'll know!


Augsburg was the only school that I applied to and visited. Most people felt that this wasn't a smart choice, but I visted Augsburg my junior year of high school and I just knew it was the school for me. So I braved it and applied there, my mom felt that there was no reason to apply to another college if Augsburg was where I wanted to go, if I didn't get in then I would just go to a community college for a year and try again. I worked in Admissions at Augsburg for 3 of the 4 years I was at Augsburg. I advocate that you visit a school multiple times, sit in on classes, stay over, get to know the professors in the department that you are wanting to study in. It will help you find which school is your best fit, I found that students who put in the effort to investigate their top three schools really found out which one best suited them. Follow your heart, it will guide you to the right place.


Figure out if you want huge class sizes or smaller ones. I really enjoyed having smaller class sizes because professors would help you out a lot more.


- visit campuses as much as you can - talk to recent alumni about their experiences at the college - check out activities provided


take your time and follow your gut instinct


Take time to reserach and visit all of the schools- it is an important decision and you should feel confident with the one you make. Encourage your children to look into a variety of different schools, in different locations. I thought I knew I wanted a small private liberal arts school in a small city, turns out I couldn't stand it and needed to be in a city. Parents- try to put your opinions aside (ie: you want your child to be close to home, you think they would do best in a big school, etc). Yes, you know your children well, be part of the process, but realize that this is their future and they have to be happy, not you. Make sure the school has a good study abroad and a career/internship office. These are importatnt for you, especially the latter as it will help you when you graduate. Also, always try to spend the night on the campus so you get a feel for the living, eating, night life there. A lot of the college decision seems to be random and in the end left to feelings, make sure you felt comfortable with your decision.


When deciding on a college or university, it is highly important that one tours the institutions before making a final decision. There one can explore the campus and its surroundings and meet with faculty members to get a feel for the type of community the school supports and what one can expect from the classes taught and extra curriculars and clubs offered. In addition, do not simply choose a school based on words, but rather, on sincerity and interest in the actual student. Comfort is the key! If one is not comfortable with the school's environment, focusing on one's studies and maintaining a healthy social life become difficult. Obviously price and location plays a factor as well, but the comfort, education and brighter future obtained thereby is a justified reason for the money paid. Once again, though, comfort is an absolute must.


Try to go and visit the college campus. Really, it's important. Don't go to a college just because they give you financial aid. Be sure to do your research on their academic offerings. Even if you don't know your focus is, find things that interest you. You can't be too cautious with chosing the right school: if something doesn't feel 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} right, go over it again. College is expensive, and you don't want to feel like you're wasting your money. If the first year doesn't work, transfer (that's okay to do!)


The best way to get to know a college is talking to those who attend it. I strongly suggest that when visiting a college ask students about their professors, the campus life, and classes. In addition it is important to realize that it is possible to transfer, and many people do. If you do not feel that a college is a good fit once you are find a new college. Everybody makes deciscions differently, I choose my college because it felt right to me. I strongly feel that my choice paid off, however in selecting a college each person has to decide what is most important to them. One of my biggest struggles was worrying about paying for college. The price of a college should not be the factor in selecting which one to attend. I am a first generation student who grew up in a poor family, however I decided that the college I decided to attend is an expensive private college. With enough effort anything is possible nothing should stand between an individual and the college of their dreams.


Plan ahead with financing.


Allow your child to have a say in the college they attend. It is important that the student likes the place they are going to study, this is not a decision that should be made solely by the parent. Let your child have some more independance when they start college. They are adults now and need to be treated that way, however you should not completely write off your child either. Even though your children are adults now they still need your love and support in their life. Make sure you give that to them. Remember also that learning is not only about grades, sometimes your child is still learning a lot even if it does not show in their grades all of the time.


I would say for the student to go with what feels right to them. Don't make your decision on where to go based on your parents, friends or significant others, it's all about doing whats best for you. I understand that everyone may not get the same "this is it" feeling I did after my overnight stay but hopefully you'll experience a similar feeling. Also I recommend going on an overnight stay of the school, maybe on a Friday so that you can see how campus life is during the school day and on the weekends. Another thing is to live on campus for that first year, you'll meet a lot of new people and be more included in campus life and activities. And one of the last things I suggest is for all students just to get involved with clubs, intramural sports and other such things on campus. Overall study hard, try not to stress to much, take some time to yourself from time to time, and enjoy yourself!


Know your learning style. If you need smaller classrooms with more one on one help, GO TO A COLLEGE WITH THAT TO OFFER. Be sure to ask about faculty friendliness and helpfulness because when the classes get hard, and they do, you need someone to ask. Be sure to be outgoing, MAKE FRIENDS. College is where you make friends for life. Not only buddy buddy friends, but network as well. A very large majority of jobs after college are heard about through people you know. Start building professional relationships as well as friends relationships.


Location, location, location! I knew I wanted to be in an urban area when I was looking at schools, and I can't imagine what my life would be like had I chosen a college in a rural area. Of course, the school itself is an incredibly important factor as well. If you're a business student, you should attend a school known for its business program, so on and so forth. I am an Art Education major, and Augsburg College has an exceptional, innovative Education program that prepares young teachers to provide quality learning in diverse environments. Also, being in the city has allowed me countless cultural art experiences and opportunities. You'll know if you're in the right place when you get there. And no matter how homesick, or taken over with the college lifestyle you may be, remember to study HARD and have FUN! These years will be a blast. Surround yourself with good, like-minded people and take everything that happens with a grain of salt and a smile in your heart.


choose the right place


My advice is to find out what you like and dislike. How do you feel about weather? Do you have family where you are going, do you want to? If you know your major, go to a school that has that major, it doesn't have to to be a top major school, or a school that specializes, becasue it's up to you to learn the information, and any school can give you that, to some extent. Bottom line is you have to make some decisons for yourself, don't let people make them for you. To have a good experiece, i suggest to just be yourself. You will end up changing, but if you start out with a base for yourself, you can't go wrong. Learn to balance homework and friends or you won't get anything done.


Don't put off looking at schools. Start early, and if it's boring, just suffer through it because knowledge and variety are your friends. If you don't know what you want to go to school for, look for schools that offer lots of different choices and have plenty of resources besides academics for help with learning about different career choices, and for making the transition from a high school student to an independent adult. Also, visit as many interesting campuses as is viable. There's no better way to get a feeling for whether you want to go to school there.


College is a not only a time for students to determine their future career, but also determine the person they will be become. Choosing a college should involve the majors offered as well as location, activities offered, and similar interests. Before searching for a school, it is important to decide how one feels about class size, urban versus rural setting, and anything else that is important to the student. Academics are important, but if they are the only focus, the student may find that the other aspects don't fit their needs. All students who are seriously considering a college should visit the campus preferrably spend the night. This is the only way to ensure that the school will be satisfying in the future despite how it may seem on paper. Remember, the student shouldn't mold to the school, the school should mold to the student. This will ensure that each student who attends becomes the person they always wanted to be.


Choose the school based on the enviroment and surroundings. Although ultimately you should choose a school based on the acedemics, you will only spend a fraction of your time in class. Choose a school where you see yourself fit, but that you will be comfortable at for four years.


Go with your first instinct, trust those who are trying to help you


Choose a college that fits you. This decision can change your entire life, so make sure to pick based on your needs. Not your friends, or even your parents. Everything plays a part in your decision, academics, social activity, and campus involvement. College is about stepping outside of your comfort zone, and growing up, so make sure you find a place you can grow in. Pick an envirornment that balances framiliarity and excitement. While attending college, try everything. Meet new people, join new clubs, take new classes. The best part about college is its a chance to start over and get any experience you want. Free yourself from the cliques and stereotypes of high school, its amazing the things you can do and the people you can meet by just keeping an open mind.


I would say that when you are looking into a school don't just decide on a whim or like I did in rebellion of my parents. If there is somewhere you want to go do whatever it takes to get there. I made the mistake by going to a different school first, I wish I would have gone right to Augsburg. I did learn from it and found the place that I belong. Don't worry if your first school doesn't work out. When looking at a school I would say see how others around treat you just on your visit or how helpful they are over the phone because most of the people you will talk to will be students and they turn out to be just as nice in person and at school. Make sure the school you choose has what you are looking for in a major and definitly find a place where you will be comfortable.


To the parents: let your child live and make their own choices. Do not push your child to come home, or contact you too much. This is the part of their life when they need to set that pace, and figure out what they really need from you. To the students: if possible, go to a school where you don't know anyone. This way you can make totally new friends, to go along with your old ones. Finding new people and new friends at college, is one of the best things about being on your own.


I would look at schools that are far from home. You learn to be more independent and responsible. Also, remember that if you aren't accepted, it isn't the end of the world. You'll find your place and it will all that you wanted and more.


Find a school where suits your best interest because you are paying for their service.