Augsburg College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


This school is too big for individual attention, you have to get your academic, career, and social help yourself. The options are there, you have to find them.


I honstely can not find fault with this program, I loved it.


I wish I would have known what I wanted to major in and I wish I would have knew how much the school really was and that its a private school so you dont get as much finacial ain.


I should have applied for on- campus job earlier, in the summer. I had a hard time finding a job here but now I got one, which is really helpful for me. I have learned a lot from my job, from communication skills to be more patient and listen to others' instruction carefully.


I wish I have known that we can take a weekend class for free.


I wish i would have known how to mangage my time and how much reading there is.


I love this school and I heard everything bout this school through Admission Possible.


That it would be expensive. I was convinced that I could afford it once i got here, this was not the case.


As an incoming freshman the best way to meet different people is by being involved with the school. Going out of your comfort zone and trying new things that you would have never done is high school is all part of the college experience. I went into college being nervous and not wanting to branch out a lot into the Augsburg community. If I would have become involved right away I could have met so many more people and would have been involved with the school which would have made my transition from high school to college signifactly easier.


I wish I had known that you do need to take a year of a language. However, it is a very good thing because it makes you a well rounded person in the end. Also you need to take 2 credits of art, music, or theatre. This was very excitng for me to find out, however, and I am really glad that I get to experience those types of classes.


That it is not academically challenging unless you push yourself - the coursework is not challenging to someone who received an International Baccalaureate Diploma in High School. It's like an older, more mature high school...not anything like the University of MN where I went for one year.


I would have liked to know that it is one of the most expensive schools in the state.


I wish I had known how great it was going to be! Stay on campus your first year, because you really get to know a lot of people. Augsburg is a wonderful school.


It gets really cold here, so i wish i knew what kind of shoes to bring so that my feet wou,d stay warm. We have skyways and tunnles but sometimes they don't keep out the cold. So i wish i had better shoes for my first winter here.


I wish I knew how many people were from other states. Everyone is from Minnesota and is from small towns. It is hard to share experiences with people when they don't have any idea or understand where you are coming from.