Augsburg College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I attended Augsburg College to completed by Bachelor's Degree. All of my classes were located in Rochester, MN which is my hometown. It was an incredibly satisfying school experience. The advisors, professors and employees were friendly, helpful and dedicated to each students education. I loved the convenience, adult-learning curriculum, and bi-weekly class meeting. The course work was manageable with raising a family and working full time as a Registered Nurse. I would highly recommend this college to everyone.


The best thing I consider about my school is the size of our campus and the student population. I like how easy it is to get in touch with my professors and to know that they are interested in each and every one of their students and how they wants everyone to succeed. I also like that there are many resources and activities on campus that all the students can be a part of.


Although Augsburg might be behind on wheel chair accessibility, it has a very diverse atmosphere. I can honestly say that Augsburg is one of the only Luther Colleges that has adapted to its students in terms of diversity needs, such as programs that help aide in college success, and bridging the achievement gap between race, gender, sex and sexuality. Since starting at Augsburg College this past fall semester, I have been embraced with open arms by teachers and students alike and those different from me. It has a "home away from home atmosphere" and what more can you ask for?


The people at Augsburg are awesome. I have met so many different and interesting people in the one year I have attended this school. It seems to be better when you are surrounded by people who are each individuals. More creative work seems to be made and it also helps my own work by having different people to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.


The best thing about my school is that I like how there are Chapel time everyday. It gives you time to either hangout with friends and have lunch or you can have the choice to attend Chapel. It's kind of like your own free time where everyone has at the same time so it's nice to go out and mingle and make new friends.


It is small so I get a lot of attention from my professors. I love that everyone is very close because it is a small school.




The small size! It's absolutely amazing to have such intimate class sizes. Your teachers et to know you as an individual, and not simply a number.


The fact that it's so close to downtown Minneapolis


small class sizes because you get to know your classmates and teachers better.


The reason I have not transfered out is because I really like my major program. It is small, I like my adviser and I feel like it is academically challenging. Also, Augsburg is part of a consortium of schools (St. Thomas, St Catherine, Hamline, Macalester), that allows you to take classes at a different school if it is not offered at your school. Therefore, I am getting my minor degree in Anthropology from Macalester. I considered transferring there, because I think it is a more academically rigerous and diverse school, but the tuition is double. Instead I just take classes.


This school is very diverse. They do not discriminate at all. Everyone who attends Augsburg is extremely open and friendly.


The best thing about our school is our small close knit campus. 3 min walk from end to end. Underground tunnels to all buildings for cold winter days.