Augusta State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think my school is best known for our basketball and golf teams. Although I will say lately its been known for the merge with georgia medical college and the AWFUL name change!


Our difficult yet superior English Department, our golf team, and our horrible parking situation.


Their English program.


The hard English 1101 classes


Augusta State is known for their nursing program. It is very competitive and since MCG is one of three medical schools in Georgia, for those students who live in Augusta, it is a good networking environment. They also have a good Literature department.


My school is best known for its rigid scholastic curriculum. The English department alone has top rankings throughout the state of Georgia. It would be nothing of an exaggeration to say that those who graduate from Augusta State University are well rounded, disciplined, astoundingly intelligent individuals. Of course one would assume my opions to be biased because of my attendance at said school, but rest assured, everything being stated is factual.


Just recently I have learned that ASU is well known for its basketball team. Also Augusta State University's business department has been recoginized by the Princeton Review as being one of the highest ranking Business Departments in the country.


I'm not sure what we're "known" for, but Augusta State offers many classes and degree programs, has many men and women's sports teams who are competitive in Division 1 and Division 2, and has an excellent fine arts program.




There men basketball team


Basketball. Engligh department.


Our basketball team is gtting real popular. last season they made it to the finals and played on the D2 national championship. i would like to see more school spirit forsure.


Friendly atmosphere & helpful people