Augusta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Georgia Regents University is not for the scholar who wishes to impose and project his knowledge upon others. Most classes are discussion-based, and each student lends to the conversation in a balanced, respective manner. Mutual respect among peers is of the utmost importance to optimize learning experiences. There is a hidden understanding, in which every other student's standpoint or ideology is respected; though this ideology may be questioned or disassembled in order to further understand, these views should never be disrespected. Georgia Regents University is a setting in which open minds flourish the most.


Augusta State is primarily aliberal arts college, so I would recomend students interested in getting a liberal arts degree attend this school.


Any individual who is not willing to put forth the time and effort to succeed in his classes is the type of individual who should not apply for this college. Additionally, no one should apply to this college if they are not willing to traverse a distance to get their class by foot.


A person who does not expect to work hard and put in the time outside of the classroom should not attend Augusta State University.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one that does not care about school or one that is not going to devote the time to study. This is a school that requires more than just showing up. One has to come to class well prepared and spend hours studying for exams and quizzes. College is no joke. College is what u make of it. Having a college degree can open many opportunities for people and be well off in this world today. A person who is not dedicated should not attend this school.


A person who is close minded and not acceptable to change should not attend this university. Augusta State University is a very diverse, compelling university and the people, student and faculty, force you to think outside the box and utilize tools to help you in and out of the classroom. The professors and adminstration force you to help yourself and become independent individuals as well as thinkers. They will not provide you with the answers, they will guide you in the direction so that you may help yourself find the answer.




The type of people who re ready for a great learning experience!!!


A person who wants to attend a large campus wouldn't want to attend this college. The classes tend to have at most 20 to 30 students, and there aren't as many courses available at ASU as there are at other schools.


People interested in football.


The type of person that will not do well at Augusta State University is a person with no expectation. Augusta State is a great school academically and socially but there is no mistake that academics come first. Students must already have there mind focused on thier class and career goals so that they will not fall short of their future aspirations.


Someone who enjoys small class sizes.


One who isnt hard working


The kind who needs to work or raise a family as well. Not someone seeking a typical college experience.


The only person that should not attend this school is one who isnt interested in learning. I have learned more in just a few years here than the rest of my schooling career