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The teachers really get involved and are there to help you. They always know your name.


We are a private Lutheran college where all the teachers have their Ph.D. so they are more than qualified to teach their area of subject.


Augustana is a smaller school where it is easy to get to know your teachers and classmates on a personal level. The class sizes are small so it is easy to get to know your professor and not feel uncomfortable asking questions. There are various extra-curricular activities to join and the intramural program is easy to partake in!


Augustana College's concentration is first and foremost on education and succeeding in the professional world. However, the sense of community and camaraderie is amazing, especially compared to the first school I attended. The aspiration of nearly all students for success becomes a social network for like-minded students. Because of similar goals, acquaintances that began as late night study sessions and coffee breaks between finals often lead to strong friendships that go beyond the realm of classrooms.


Augustana College offers a very personal education for the Liberal Arts. I chose Augustana over other colleges because the teachers are very personal and are treated as a person and not a number. Also, you receive a Liberal Arts education where I am learning to be a complete human bieng rather than just be trained in one thing. Augustana College also has an ecellent placement rate for jobs and for Graduate school.


Augustana offered me a fantastic major in Anthropology. The department is very small but offers great opportunities like the chance to study in England at Exeter University.


It's small, student, centered and they really care about you. At Augustana, you definitely don't feel like a number. The professors actually know your name and want you to succeed. There are a lot of on-campus activities, clubs, and organizations, along with many opportunities for students to work on campus.


We are a small private liberal arts college. I think what makes Augustana better than most colleges, is that we are not just a academics, but about a community as well. Everyone is always willing to help to accomplishing something, and you are never judged for the things you do.


Augie is a great environment that is not too big and where you can get the one-on-one education that you deserve. I think that Sioux Falls is a very unique community that is full of opportunities, but like Augie is not too big. There are plenty of things available, and nothing is ever really busy. It's a great place to live, work, and go to school.


We are a small Liberal Arts college in the middle of a residential community in the largest city in South Dakota. You get a small town feel with access to city activities, i.e. several movie theaters, over 750 restaurants, a large mall, and close proximity to larger cities in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.


Students are pushed to exceed expectations (even if they may not enjoy it in the beginning). Everyone is there for each other since our school values community. In fact, our school pushes its core values: Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community, Service, and Christian. Classes are small enough that relationships form between student and professors. Professors definitely care for students and enjoy time with them. There's always something to do during the week and the weekends with friends. There is a strong outreach of alumni to students. Family is put before acidemics, acidemics before sports and Augie is a family.


I love that Augustana is really friendly to current students and incoming students. At Augustana there are a lot of different activities that I can/have participate in. I also really enjoy the fact that Augustana is a smaller school compared to some of the schools that I visited. The staff at Augustana care about my future and are willing to help me in any way that they can.


The size of campus was a deciding factor as well as the city dynamic.


Augustana College is academically rigorous. Each student is pushed to his or her limit. In classes, you do not begin with an A. You struggle all semester long to earn the A. At Augustana College, students reach places and exceed expectations daily which forces professors to raise standards again. This continual cycle pushes all of us to be our best. If in life, you want more than a degree, but want to gain a broad understanding of the world, Augustana College is your place.


Augustana is such a tight nit community. Upon coming here, you don't understand the outreaching effects of the culture on its inhabitants. Your professors know you by your first and last name and make you feel as if you are actually important. Everyone is here for a primary purpose, to better their education. It has such a personal experience that larger universities cannot compete with. At Augustana you feel not only like people share a common purpose and care about your education, but that you are part of a family.


The most unique quality about my school is the intimacy I feel between myself and my professors. I looked at a few neighboring schools as well as colleges across the country, and the school that stood out to me was Augustana College, located in my hometown, because of its small size and it's academic rigor. With such a small student to teacher ratio, I knew I would be receiving a great amount of attention in my studies, which will help me succeed in achieving my goal to become a music teacher.


Augustana lets undergraduate science students work on research projects with the professors. The profs themselves teach the lab courses and small group discussions, too.


All the faculty and staff seem to care about their students and want people to succeed.


This school foucsed on the indvidual and helping them succeed but challening them along the way to help them grow!


Augustana is unique in that it is located in my home state, it has a Christian affiliation, and that it is much more conservative than other schools. I feel like the social interactions on and off campus with other students are substantially less engaging than those at my previous school. My first school was on the One-Course-At-A-Time block plan versus the semester plan. Each has their own benefits and downfalls.


It is very focused on the family orientation of college. There is a strong encouragement to bond with people and learn from each other. Many other schools just introduce college and then expect you to do your best while Augustana guides you until you are ready to do it by yourself.

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