Augustana University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Creative, free-floating, happy-go-lucky types should not attend this school due to the heavy workload and copious reading and writing assignments. Stringent requirements were a blessing and a curse.


I feel that this school is for any type of person. There are alot of activities that a person can go to if they like. These activites are not required so if you do not want to go you do not have to. There is a church service everyday that anyone can go to, if they wish to. This college has some many different clubs to choose from. There are different kinds of fitness classes to attend. Augustana has a little of everything for anyone to enjoy.


Someone who is looking for slack-classes and a large campus.


Someone who doesn't value their education should not attend this school. Someone who does not want to put forth the effort to do well in school. Someone who is all about partying and drinking.


If you aren't willing to work hard, don't come to Augustana. The teachers are wonderful, but they look for the students who are willing to seek help rather than have it handed to them. Don't expect your classes to be easy.


Somone who has a very strong background in the sciences. Augie also has a good Art department, but not for photography. Somone who's conservative and wants to study hard.


A person that expects to skip class and not care about their education would not want to go to Augustana College.


If someone is looking for a large and impersonal college campus, Augustana is not for them. If a student is looking for a college that fosters a close relationship with professors as well as fellow students and various faculty, Augustana is perfect. Augustana's size and focus is perfect for the fostering of sincere desires to learn and explore what students are capable of.


You shouldn't attend this school if all you want to do is party. This isn't a slack school. Academics are very important and you need to work extremely hard to earn good grades. You also should go to this school if you are looking for a huge college scene. It is a smalll college, but it has all of it's own perks. This also is a school filled with mostly students from the mid-west. If you are looking for diversity, you will not find it here. As a student of Asian race, this can be annoying.


If you're one who doesn't like getting to know other people, learning new things, and having an open mind towards those who are different to you, Augustana is not the place for you.


Any person that isnt willing to put an effort towards their education. The academics are hard and you have to study but the school makes sure there is plenty of fun. There are things with music like the goo goo dolls and Johnny Holm, Arts like art galleries, and athletics like intramurels.


SOmebody who is looking to gain a social party life and give min. effort towards school work to pass.


People who don't enjoy fun and challenging classes should not attend this school.


People that should not attend this school are those that do not want to put an effort into living there lives. Hard work is put into homework for class, getting leadership positions, jobs, making and keeping friends. Being involved is vital to attend this school so people that do not want to be involved should not attend this school. People that cannot or do not put their heart into what they are doing should not attend this school. A person that does not get engaged in classes should not attend this school.


If an individual does not want to be challenged academically, or if they do not have the longing to learn then they should not attend this school. Also, it is very expensive so if you do not have a way of getting numerous loans or scholarships then that can make it difficult as well.


I think Augustana can be right for anyone and everyone; you just have to work hard and want it.


Anyone who wants to speak freely about being a Republican. A minority student who wants to feel comfortable and not completely surrounded by white people. Anyone who has moral objection to binge drinking and sexual promiscuity. Anyone who loves to do outdoor activities. Anyone who doesn't harbor an inclination towards tolerance of religion to the point of hostility to Christianity. Any evangelical Christian who will be offended by the opening questioning of belief systems. Any lazy kid.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is hostile about religion, as well as someone who expects to coast through college withouth trying.


Someone wanting to go into engineering or a vocational technology.


Someone who wants to attend a large school or a school with a lot of diversity.

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