Austin College Top Questions

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The travel-abroad and internship programs that they provide are fantastic.


Austin College is incredibly unique compared to schools all over Texas. The college boasts a small, close-knit communtiy, a southern school with an east coast feel. From the first day of class students are on a first-name basis with the professors, who really enjoy getting to know their students. Because the campus is slight in size, organizations can do interesting things; the BIG (Biology Interest Group) takes a weekend-camping trip with the biology professors once every semester, this is a great experience. Overall the campus is close-knit and progessive in methods of thinking, unique in Texas.


The smaller size is very unique it offers the opportunity to have a closer relationship with professors and other people on campus, and definitley has a more personal feel.


My school has one of te best programs to study abroad. There is a rel emphasis on global learning and global service leadership. It is a small school with a lot of career-oreiented people, who are driven to make a diffference in the world. there are so many opportunites to give back and make a difference. since it is located in a small town it gives people a chance to do some out of the ordincary things ad really become a community.


It has a really nice campus


There's just a great familial atmosphere.




It is smaller than the other schools that I considered and boasts that over 90% of those who apply to medical school get accepted.


The relationships between professors and students is amazing and I would not exchange it for any other experience.


The personal attention you receive from professors