Austin College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I know I have learned thousand fold more than a friend who took the same class from other school. Only downside is that I probably have received lower grade than him in the end. It's somewhat not fair but let us see where we end up in 10 years. Grades doesn't always reflect how much you have learned.


Since the school isn't very large most people are very friendly and it's easy to meet people. There is very little if any bullying. Everyone is pretty much accepted for who they are. Everyone has a meaningful place here.


When someone asks me about Austin College, I take pride in telling them that I am a part of one of the most elite schools in the U.S. I simply tell them that Austin College is a school that changes lives... a school that requires the most dedicated level of academics. Above all, however, I tell anyone who asks that I can go anywhere through Austin College. Many colleges boast their ability to make your dreams come with a degree. but I am only a freshman, and I could be in Kenya practicing medicine as we speak.


Professor knows your name after on the first week of class. Classes are hard but you'll learn so much compare to if you were in the other school. High schools may not know this school, but society and graduate schools knows this school's reputation. This school will encourage you so much to study abroad, and this experience can be one of your best time of your life.