Austin Community College District Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The large amount of campuses are spread far apart and not every campus offers the same classes causing students to drive all over the Austin area in a short amount of time to make all their classes


The lack of life in the class rooms, some teachers are just so borrrinnnnggggggg!

Jeanne Jacqueline

I do not have any real complaints about the teachers or the courses at my school. I only have problems with the campuses, and even then only the distances between the parking lot and the buildings. Which is about half a mile to a mile walk from car to building. Other than that I really love my school.




There are not enough classes available where I live. I work full time, so it's a little harder to find time to take classes during the evening so that it works with my schedule. I also have a four year old daughter, so being away so much takes a toll on her as well. If there were more classes available that are closer to where I live and work, going to school wouldn't be such an obstacle for me. Also the times that are offered, because of the schedule conflict is really hard for me to work with.


The worst thing about my (and most) schools is the fact that colleges are more interested in getting money out of the students then trying to educate them. It'r ridiculous how much books cost, and how little they give you when ou sell them back.


Austin Community College is a very attractive beginning for someone out of the education chain for almsot 10 years. However I have already noticed the one thing I would want changed about this particular South Austin Campus. The enrollment team and guidance counselers give off the attitude that they could care less if you enroll in their school and offer the barest of minimum of assistance while going through the enrollmen process. It seems as if their attitude should reflect more of the attitude expressed in the mission statement of the school.


The worst thing about my school is that it doesn't have all the courses for my major, which is Architecture. It only has the pre reqs. but not all of the other classes. So I have to eventually transfer to a university.


The particular campus that I attend is housed in very old buildings. There is no cold water in the restrooms, only one building has an elevator to get to the higher floors and there are not enough electrical outlets in the classrooms for students who use their computers to take notes during lecture. I think it could be modernized somewhat in order to provide better service to the students needs.


It's hard for me to think of the worst thing about my school, but the thing I have had the hardest time with is the financial aid system. Most of this is actually administered by the department of education, however each school is responsible for their own requirements as well. The way my school handles this department has not made it easy for students to discuss their options for financial aid, nor have they promoted scholarships that are available very well.


The worst thing about my school is, unlike a centralized university, its resources and students are spread out. My college has eight campuses, and not all of them offer the same courses. This inconveniences students by forcing them to attend two different campuses rather than one. It is especially difficult for students who depend on public transportation as there are more factors, such as scheduling and routes, to consider when choosing classes.


It seems that alot of classes are "dumbed down", which doesn't say much for our high schools. The cafeteria food is overpriced.


There are not enough computer classes. So it is hard to get the classes that you need. The ones available have prerequisites, so it forces the student to only be able to take six credits instead of twelve. The early registration is based upon credit hours. This causes the student to have to stay in school longer and delay their career objectives. There are not enough parking spaces either. So I must get to school three hours ahead of time to park. The buses do not run near my home.


The worst thing i could consider about my school is there are few parking spaces, in my school we have parking garage and even if there is a parking space i have to park at the last parking spot there is, and the reason is the worst is we have to walk a lot to your classroom and back to your car. Another thing I thought could be the worst thing is the date the teachers put the exams the exact same date and we have to study alot.


The worst thing about my school is that I can not attend as much as I wish. Having a full time job and going to school is something that is not uncommon, but only those who are disciplined enough are able to succeed.

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