Austin Community College District Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how hard it would be to remember math skills that I haven't used in years. I wish I would have done more math review using free online resources before starting my classes. I came to this school in order to fulfill prerequisites that I need for a graduate program. I have been out of school for quite a while and am now pursing a masters degree in a field that is more technical than my previous degree.


I wish I would have known about transferring courses before I obtained an associate of applied sciences degree in which 80% of the classes do not transfer to a university.


I wish I had known that I could customize my own transfer-credit plan instead of following their associates' degree plan; I will not be leaving with an associates', as the requirements for transfer are not the same as requirements for graduation.


I wish I had known how to better manage my finances while in school so that my credit would have been better after I graduated and wanted to buy a house.


I was very excited when I transferred to Austin Community College from University of Houston-Downtown. I love the city of Austin and this community college has a fantastic transfer rate to the University of Texas. I was not disappointed, my teachers are great and I love everything I am learning about.


Nothing, I did my research.


I wish I would have known more current students attending the school. Knowing other students would have given me confort in the new enviornment, along with useful advice from their past experience at the school.


I sincerely wish I had been better prepared for the toughness of being out on one's own and forcing oneself to do what's needed to succeed. I was always a slacker, but I always made straight A's throughout most of my public school career. Suddenly, I was forced to do homework to pass classes and learn the course material on my own. The acclimation was incredibly difficult and I regret being so very ill-prepared.


It is difficult to look back now, but I do wish that there was more support in the public schools to encourage children to persue a college education. I am the only one out of four siblings that is atending college at the moment and it is because of self-motivation. I wish I knew that there are more options as far as scholarships are concerned.

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