Avila University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Avila university is a small, welcoming community that allows each student to thrive, and the faculty here is really friendly and wants to help each student learn; you can tell they aren't just here because it's a job!


A close-knit and caring university where the students are pushed to their full potentional and maybe a little more.


Avila is a small, yet fun place to learn.


Avila University is an intimate enviornment striving towards the success of its students.


Avila University offers a welcoming, all-inclusive small school experience while preparing its students life-after college.


A small community in a big world where everyone is accepted yet different.


Drab, boring, and unchalleging with little chance of getting anywhere repsectable.


The moment you walk onto the campus, weather you'd be taking a tour or already a student you feel at home. The atmosphere is very welcoming and warm and you create a family very easily. We're a small university with a big heart. Its a small campus, yet you still won't know everybody on campus. For you to completely understand, you'll have to walk your own two feet upon the ground the campus stands on. Our surrounding community is proud and very supportive of Avila's endevors. Growing and Prospering are Avila's new view.