Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Azusa Pacific University is best known for the community at the school. Everyone is very friendly and there is a very welcoming vibe when you come to the school. We all want to support each other in out faith walk and with fullfilling our dreams.


Azusa Pacific University is a leading Christian college well-known for excellence in higher education among top Christian colleges and universities with low student-to-faculty ratio. Their school has extended their science center with new classrooms and up to date technology.


The sports!


Music, Nursing, Athletics


Azusu Pacific is best known as a Christian College with excellerated degree programs.


Being a big liberal Christian college.


APU is best known for their community. It's like no other. There are so many ways for someone to make friends and belong with all the community building event they have. They make it a point to live in community with one another. It is one of their cornerstones.


Being very friendly and an easy to adapt to environment


Azusa Pacific University is best known for being a respected Christian university that pushes their students to interact with the world around them. They have a great Global studies program and many opportunities for study abroad. APU isvery active in the community around them as well as the rest of the world through causes such as S.O.L.D. project, Invisible Children, and other campaigns and charity programs. APU strives to educate their students about the injustices of this world, and equipes them to go and make an impact.


The APU sports program. For a relatively small school, the majority of our sports tend to lead their leagues.


The community. It is the most loving, encouraging, supporting, and motivating place I've ever been. The students, staff, faculty, they all care about one another in so many ways. Right from day one as a freshman you are made to know that you are welcome and wanted. I've met some of the most genuine, friendly, and amazing people at APU. I don't believe there is another college out there that has a tighter community. APU has become my new home and my new family that I love so very dearly.


Azusa Pacific University is a liberal Christian School-- it offers a Christian worldview for its students to absorb, but demands that students seek it on a personal and individual level. In terms of religion with APU, there are no right answers. APU is also well known for its athletics, music, and art programs, as well as its nursing institution.


APU is best known for it's Nursing program.


our school is best know for being very warm and friendly with all of our students, faculty and staff. We are overly welcoming, but not too much. it is very well appreciated and most of us from Axusa are happy to greeted so warmly.


We are best known and one of the top Christian Universities in the United States.


Being God-centered. Our school has also won the director's cup for sports 4 years in a row so our athletic program is awesome.


This is a good school to go to because it has a positive atmosphere, small class sizes and good professors.


I think this school is best known for it's community. The reason I came to this school was because I was captivated by the feeling of community the first time I visited. I have heard the same story from countless other students as well. This school's motto is God First, and has been since the school was created in 1899. The student body is made up of people from all 50 states and all over the world, who are have different political views and traditions, but there is one common thing that unites us: Jesus Christ.