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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Im not involved in anything except the classes I take so can't really share much.


Intramural sports are very big. They consist from football to soccer to dodgeball. Also there is a popular Outdoor Adventures program where they go on weekend trips rock climbing or backpacking or biking. It is popular to have a leadership role whether it be in Ministry and Service, government or the Alpha program


Azusa Pacific University is an extremely active school. There are always things going on at this school which makes it so much fun, even without frats and sororities. There are many sports played at this school that many cougar fans get really into. The dorms are always throwing special events for students, including dances, games, concerts, and special activities for holidays. We also have many discipleship groups, which is something I am involved with. It entails girls that I get together with each week to just hang out, talk, and study the bible together. It really great to become so close to a few people and really feel safe talking about anything. Saturday nights are always fun here at APU, especially without alcohol because people always find something to do. Groups plan a trip into the city to have dinner or see a movie, or girls from my hall and I will do a movie night, or game night. I rarely find myself bored, especially being able to live with 40 plus girls on a hall, I'm always around someone. Parting isn't very popular here at APU, but football games are. If a student wanted to find a party, they probably could easily, but they would have to ask around quite a bit. I love living in a community where everyone loves to just get together and hang out without drinking any sort of alcohol.


This would definitely be the night chapel services! The music is great, its like going to a hillsong concert 3 times a week. The campus pastors are funny and they can relate to the students. Also, APU always have campus activities almost everyday. They will notify you so you be left out! Its really easy to get involved in activities and make a new group of friends!


This would definitely be the night chapel services! The music is great, its like going to a hillsong concert 3 times a week. The campus pastors are funny and they can relate to the students. Also, APU always have campus activities almost everyday. They will notify you so you be left out! Its really easy to get involved in activities and make a new group of friends!


Azusa Pacific has so many things to get involved with that it would be hard not to find something to join. Among the sports, such as swimming, football, basketball, soccer, acrobats and tumbling (one of around only 12 teams in the nation), cross country/track, etc, there are many clubs as well. There is Ultimate Frisbee (who travel around and play many other schools); I am involved in being a leader for Young Life at a school nearby, and also want to get involved in a ministry either helping homeless kids or visiting retirement homes. I have a friend who is part of an organization that evangelizes to high school kids, and I have also previously been a part of a group that helps kids with their homework after school. There are many multi-ethnic clubs, swing dancing clubs, a hip hop team, a step team, rugby, many writing groups, and the list goes on and on. I met 93{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all good friends on my hall, and then the rest through Alpha groups, friends of friends, and Young Life. Most everyone is friendly, and I feel really blessed by who God has put in my life. We have been up late doing anything from simply watching a movie all together to tying my friend to a chair and wheeling her around campus on her birthday. Also, because of Azusa's close proximity to the city and the beach, fun is never too far away. Los Angeles is about fifty minutes, Hollywood about forty-five minutes, Pasadena around twenty minutes, the beach is anywhere from half an hour to an hour, and snowboarding is about two hours away. There is always something to do.


There are so many groups on campus it is really tough to list them all. I am part of the Army ROTC program on campus. Students can be involved in ministry here on campus, theater, or cultural groups to name a few. The student body here is very welcoming. Doors are open and events are always taking place. There are plays, sporting events, and concerts on campus. Dating is very popular on campus. Many people find their spouses during their time here at school. I have met my closest friends through groups on campus and living in the dorms. The campus is so alive that it is tough not to meet people. If you are awake at the wee hours of the morning, you may be having a dance party in an apartment or studying in the library. APU is full of traditions such as homecoming, bed races. and orientation for incoming students. There is so much to do here at Azusa. We are close to the beach, the mountains, and LA depending on your taste.


Sports games are the most popular thing to attend. We did exceptionally well in NAIA and we have recently been accepted into NCAA Div. 2. Basketball is the most popular sport at APU for their games are the most attended.


There are many different groups of students at our schools with many different personalities. A majority of the students are very out-going, affable, school-spirited people. There are many on-campus clubs. I do many inter-mural activities including soccer, volleyball, and basketball. My group enjoys doing spontaneous activities during the weekdays such as hiking, slip n slides, and picnics. During the weekends we go camping, to the beach, or sporting events. Me and my group of friends do not attend parties, but there are many other things to do such as hall events, school events, and there are many places in the area that students go to. When I was a freshmen our doors were always open. We added a couch in our room because we always had guests. We would watch T.V shows together, do homework together, and have sleep overs.


I don't think any one group is the most popular at this school. Each group has their own niche and they are all very interesting in their own ways. I am mostly involved with the musicians at APU and that is mostly who I talk. Students do leave their doors open only when they are closeby, but if not things can get stolen so they always close their doors. Homecoming is very big as well as any sport games against the rival school Biola is very popular. Guest speakers like Francis Chan is very popular; i have no idea why. We have an amazing theater department that puts on three shows every semester and they are always a hit. I met my closest friends in the practice rooms and in the dorms. I have two close friends -- one of them is not a music major but a really down to earth gal, and the other is a music major that was very interested in the instrument that I play. I am never awake at 2am on a Tuesday because that is suicidal but if I were, I would probably be working on a paper. Every year, we have Christmas chapels and it is filled with crazy and obnoxious skits and worship time. People party here all the time but it mostly has to be low-key because it is supposed to maintain a Christian view. On a Saturday night, you cannot do anything unless you have a car and can drive to the beach or somewhere else. Off campus, I usually eat, go to the beach, go watch operas and concerts, and eat again!