Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing, which is not even that bad, is that the offices can sometimes be disorganized in documentation and record keeping. Otherwise, the school is fantastic.


Worst thing about APU is tuition money, but every school is expensive so I would say it's worth it anyway.


Personally, I think the worst thing about my school, is that it is really focused on being a Christian college. I'm Catholic, and did not expect to feel this uncomfortable at a Christian college, since Catholicism is considered a form of Christianity.


The difference in social classes many are unaware of the poverty in Los Angeles or poverty in the country.


The communication between staff or faculty and students. The faculty seems to be out of touch and unconcerned with students


The thing about Azusa Pacific University (APU) that I consider to be the worst attribute of the school is the competition for entrance into the Nursing Program. Over 100 students apply for admission to the Program each semester, yet there are only 30-40 openings. Many students who don't get into the program will either change their major or transfer to a school with a less competitive program. Neither of these choices are options for me though. I already transferred schools once and don't want to do it again, I am also very set against changing my major.


The worst thing about my school would be that it is an extremely small campus. Only about 6,000 students overall. I felt that there's not much diversity and different kinds of people. Everybody is about the same. I was fortunate enough to meet some people that I do along with. I just wished that there were more people like me. I like diversity and it makes a school strong.


In my experience at this Institution the only negative thing worth mentioning is as a transfer student I found it difficult to integrate with with the students who had been attending the school since their freshman year. They had already developed substantial relationships with one another by their third year into school. There may be a balance between the programs they did offer to help integrate new students and between my inability to easily forge relationships with a group of new people. I believe that if the University had more programs targeted specifically for transfer students it would have helped.


I don't think that there is a "worst thing" about my school


I would consider the worst thing about my school to simply be the expenses. The reason for this that it gets very hard to fully reach potential with some of the expenses that are at hand. For instance, one book may be over $200 and so often times, one wants to share books with another person ornot buy the book and this hinders the academic ability to do as well as possible. This also goes for meal plans and parking permits. People are disuaded from purchasing these things that they need due to the cost of it.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. After this year is up, I will spend over 32,000 to attend my school. I love my school and would not want to go anywhere else but the cost has really made me nerves in these last couple of months. I am still looking for grants and scholarships to pay for the rest of my year. And at one point, there was talk of me not returning. The school is amazing but I wish it was cheaper.


The food is horrible. If you can cook, make your own food.


The food and recreational oppounties of the school


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid. While the tuition has continued to increase each year, the financial aid has also continued to increase, but those of us who started earlier do not get more financial aid. So since I started four years ago, I only get 4500 a year for academic scholarship, while now I should be getting over 10000.


Probably the lack of decent sized facilities here and there. The music program is fantastic, but we don't have a large enough concert hall. Our theatre program is good, but we don't have an actual auditorium. We've got a decent football team, but only one set of bleachers. Our rec center's basketball court could be bigger, our weight training facility could be larger and have better hours, we don't have a pool for our swim team, and not many other recreation courts. We're expanding, but we need a lot of it.


I consider its expence to be the worse quality because it causes students to have unnecesary stress and sometimes to drop out.


The food isn't that great, but they are making a lot of reforms to make it better for us.


I think there is a tendency, for faculty/adminstration and students alike, to not discuss issues that arise. Anything that happens on campus or anything that the students are frustrated with is quickly, but not adequately taken care of and not really talked about.


It is not as racially diverse as should be considering the surrounding area.


The only complaint is overcharging for food.


offices sometimes giving the run around


There is so much to do and get involved in that it is very easy to overcommit yourself. There is so much information thrown at you as a new student that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You have to pick one or two things that you love to do, and do them whole-heartedly. If you stretch yourself too thin, you're left feeling empty and drained.


I think the worst thing is the mandatory chapel attendance policy. Since APU is a Christian school, we are required to go to chapel 3 days a week. While I enjoy chapel and would probably go anyway, I disagree with the fact that it is compulsory.