Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Attending this college demands a tremendous amount of discipline, hard work, and tenacity. However, it also has great returns; the professors are challenging but reach out to help students who genuinely want to excell. Students are pushed beyond your comfortable boundaries and encouraged to take part in activities that you may not have otherwise. An excellent choice for anyone who is willing to set outside their comfort-zone and explore new perspectives while learning to thrive in their own field.


People who thrive in putting career and God together.


Honestly, anyone that wants to really dig into thier own identity or faith. Azusa Pacific University is a private Christian university and it is a great place to discover who you really are. Just because it is a Christian school does not mean that you have to be a Christian to attend. There are people of all different religions and beliefs. The diversity creates a great enviroment for anyone who wants to experience new cultures and new beliefs. I think if someone wants to explore who they are while they advance their education and career, then this is the place.


This school is good for Christian conservative students, but is in need of more open-minded, authentic people. And ethnic diversity is lacking, but expanding, so APU desperately needs people from different SES and ethnic backgrounds. APU also has a great science department, particularly for pre-med and nursing students.


Somebody who is outgoing and comes from a family able to pay the cost or can get enough financial aid.


The person that should attend this college should a have strong christian faith and is willing to explore this faith through out your experaince through this school. Strong dedicated person to their studies and willing to keep growing.


spirited, community minded, christ centered


A happy, outgoing person who wants to study hard and form meaningful relationships with others. APU is a very community oriented school, and places a huge emphasis in growing as a community of Christ believers.


Anyone. APU welcomes students with open arms.


Somfeone who wants a solid academic knowledge and an opportunity to grow in their religious faith. A person who wants a feeling of "home away from home," community, and a place they know they belong. In McIntire (2010), Dr. Jon Wallace ,President of Azusa Pacific University is described as having "an uncannty ability to connect with students " (p. 76). Having him adds to the feeling of home and provides a student with security. References McIntire, D. (2010). An Interview with Jon Wallace, Christian College President. Christian Higher Education, 9(1), 71-81. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. (EJ880210).


This school is dedicated to offering a quailty education from a Christian perspective. The four cornerstones of this University are Christ, scholarship, community and service. Anyone planning to attend this school should understand these four cornerstones and be sure they are relevant in their own life before attending. Although it is not mandatory to be a Christian to attend Azusa Pacific, this is truely a Christian school. If faith is an important aspect of a perspective students life, and said student wishes to further their spiritual growth along with their academic growth, Azusa Pacific is the place for them.


The kind of person that should attend my school are the ones that are nice, smart, giving, respectful, religious, fun, serving, anything along these lines. The common person you would see on this campus would be a Christian Caucasian who graduated from a private high school. However, I truly think that anyone is accepted here. It would make our school unique and diverse if there were more different kinds of people.


The type of person seeking a prestigious school, with an emphasis on spiritual growth. They are committed to expanding your ideals on faith, and on faith based issues. They are seeking the type of students who want a community based on biblical faith as well as a campus with moral/biblical values. The University wants you to be excited and welcoming to their mission based purpose and they want you to feel at home in the community.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is open-minded, isn't afraid of a new environment, and loves God. This school is the perfect place to get to know everyone around you. Because it is a smaller school, there are more familiar faces and has that small town feel.


A dedicated person that does well in school and likes a challenge should attend this school. Also, they should be ready to meet great people and lasting friends. They should like the small class setting rather than hundreds of people in a lecture.


Azusa Pacific University is for students who want to work hard and worship all the while. The education programs here at APU put God first, and integrate Him into education. A for person seeking an education with Christ emphaisis, APU is the place to be. It has a strong sense of community, and the community is infectuous, spreading to the neighboring areas, so a love of people would be a great thing to have for APU.


Although it is not necessary, I think that is important that you have some sort of Christian affiliation because you do have to go to chapel three times a week. If you are not religious or strongly disagree with christianity than you would probably get irritated with chapel. Future students should be loving, open to different cultures, and want to become involved with campus life and the surrounding community.


Someone who wants to grow in their relationship with God.


A person who is open to change in any way shape or form.


An outgoing Christian that is looking to further develop their relationship with God, challenge themselves academically, and make long lasting friends would be a great person to come to APU


Any person who would like to study abroad, learn more about themselves, get a great education with a biblical perspective, and who wants to make an impact on the world at a young age.


Students who are Christian or Religious are good candidates for this school. APU is a Christian school that focuses on education from a religious perspective. People who are ready to commit themselves financially and intellectually should deeply consider applying to Azusa Pacific University. Your race, gender, socio-economic background, and religion are not judged at APU. We accept you as you are and help you become the person God intended you to be.


A person with strong christian beliefs, a person has a love for community service, peace, and academics.


A person that loves the Christian atmosphere with small classrooms would love it here. In addition, the campus is filled with a variety of clubs, activities, and ways to get involved. The small size of the classroom also makes it easier to get one-on-one help from professors and learn in a new way. Being able to see people you know around campus quite often is awesome.


People who want to know others from different backgrounds, especially in the area of international relations and political affiliations should attend this school. If you want to actually get to know people and build relationships while getting a great education and having fun in school activities, Azusa Pacific is the place for you. You can take classes from many different kinds of professors, and at the end of your education you should be ready to deal with almost every kind of person in the real world.


People who want to live like christ-followers, and are hungry to make a change on this planet. We should not spend so much to go here and only learn acedemic material, but also have our spirituality grow, so that we can be influencial on different levels.


The kind of person who is eager to learn and create friendships to last them a lifetime. Someone who wants a Christ-centered education while having an open mind to our vast world.


The person that attends this school should be open and loving to the people around them. We are all the family of Jesus Christ and that is all that matters in the end. Also being open to others, you never know, someone may surprise you. I have just recently allowed myself to do that and I've made friends with people I'd never thought would like me. Being open and loving are two very important things to me and being on this campus.


Who should? Or who does? Who does: wealthy white females. Who should: those who can bring a little more light and realism to campus.


People looking for an incredible sense of community, opportunities to serve the underserved, professors who truly care, then this is a great pick!


A Christian who does not want a lot of rules. APU is more of a Liberal Christian School. It sounds good to others when you say you go to APU, but once you are inside, the "Christians" are not that Christian like. People should attend this school if they liked their small Orange County high school and if they are stylish and good looking.


Someone who is interested in recieving a good academic experience, as well as being in a Christian enviornment.


Someone who is conservative, or doesn't care of what others think about them. Probably Christian afiliated, since it is a christian school with chapel and so forth, and the professors are christians and teach their classes according to that.


Anyone who wants to be in a friendly environment and have a desire to learn.