Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would of known that parking was limited on campus.


I wish that I had known more about the typical struggles of dorm life. I do love living in the dorms, but I wish someone had told me about all the late nights and sickness that runs rampant in any dorm.


I wish I had known more about its location, as it is not very ideal.


I wish I would have known that attending Azusa Pacific in Southern California does not mean you go and study at the beach everyday.


I love APU. I was told pretty much everything.


There are a lot of ignorant people, but for every ignorant person, there are two people who are accepting and loving. Find people who you feel comfortable to be around and invest in those friendships.


I wish that I would have know to fill out more scholorships in high school before coming to this school because the tuition is very expensive.


I wasn't conscious of the amount of money it would cost to attend. I really love this school but I didn't know it would be so hard to pay for it.


Embrace everything that comes your way and get involved in as much activities as you can. College is so much fun, especially when you put yourself out there. You will meet extraordinary people and they will teach you so much. Staying up later to socialize won't kill you, and it will be what makes your experience all the better. Making friendships with the people at APU will be what make you love it. Take advantage of every opportunity social and academic. Spend a day without your phone and enjoy the ones you're with.


I wish I would have known the true advantages of smaller class sizes and advantageous student to staff ratio. Azusa Pacific remains dedicated to keeping staff and faculty accessible to all students. I can honestly say that professors here are not only accessible but excited to develop personal relationships with students and are interested in the growth of each student's knowledge and faith. It is an incredible asset to have staff and faculty that can relate to students on a personal level.


If I could go back to a time before I started college I would tell myself two things. The first would be to never let anything intimidate me. Not an assignment, another student, a professor or a book. The second is just to put my nose to the grindstone and get done whatever needs to be done.


Use the library! Don't slack off! College is WAY harder than high school.


I wish I had known that the food isn't the best. Honestly, during the week it is fine, but on the weekends the only eating place open is the cafeteria, and I'm not the biggest fan of that eating place. Other than that, I wish I'd known how many opportunites there are to study abroad, and how easy the university makes it to do so. I think had I known that, it would have made it easier to decide where to go.


If you are girl looking to date a lot of guys or have a lot of guy friends than it might help you to know that there are a lot more girls than guys at this school. For some girls I know this is a big deal because they are not finding as many eligibile guys to date or are having trouble not having as many guy friends as they did in high school. At first I didn't like the skewed ratio, but now it has been a great opportunity to make some great girl friends!


I wish that I had been aware of the time commitment required for ensemble rehearsals and performances for a music major. It would not have changed my mind, but because of the limited number of students, the requirements per student, for ensemble participation can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.


I wish that I had known about on campus housing rules, chapel attendance rules, and much more about financial aid and loans.


I wish i knew that difference in the life style of being in highschool and college. That the setting for college is not the same as being in highschool. Especially the workload, it can't just be done in about 10 minutes it does require time.


I wish I knew it would have been good for me to be motivated enough to be involved in the upperclassmen's projects.


I wish I would have known that you can just be who you are and take the time to get to know people individually and that you do not have to be everybody's friend all at once. There is a friend for everyone on campus.


I wish i had know that it is convienient to have a car on campus so you go out and see much of LA, especially if your choosing to live off campus. Other wise you will just have to be dependent on others.


The workshop/internship courses should be considered as 4 units of work when considering course loads. It's not as diverse as a big city.


I'm not sure there is anything that I would have liked to have known before coming to APU. I think that I was in a good place in my life and I was ready to be molded and because of that I have learned so much during my time in college.


More knowledge about different scholarships. There are SO many for new students, but if you don't apply before arriving, they become unavailable.


How many units to take and what classes were more important so that I can graduate


I honestly don't think there is anything I wish I had known. Everything I initally felt that I needed to know what quickly addressed in our orientation program.


learning really good study skils. learning how to balance such a crazy schedule. learn how to shop for groceries on my own


One thing I wish I had known before coming to Azusa Pacific University is that upperclassmen and faculty members are there to support you. My freshman year, I had a hard time adjusting to college life, and struggled in some of my classes as a result. Sophomore year, I had some roommate troubles, and found it uncomfortable to be in my own apartment. Had I known that there were older students and faculty members that were available to help students struggling in their academic and personal lives, I could have helped myself avoid those hard times.


I wish I had known that APU was going to be hard to get a job. I've been lookin for a job all semester and I've applied to 3 places and no one had called me back to reject or accept me. I'm planning on studying abroad next semester and it's hard to get a job for just december. I've been upset with the school in that regard.


This school is great! Not, the most academic, but great experience!


There is nothing that took me for surprize when i came to Azusa Pasific University, they informed me well.


I wish I had known the rules for chapel. At APU, it is required to go to chapel 3 times a week. BUT, if you have a job during chapel times, or live outside of 10 miles from the school, you don't have to go. Chapel is great, but I hated being forced to go 3 times a week. So if you go to APU, read up on chapel policies. And trust me... they are serious about chapel.


The area better, and that chapel was required three days a week with only ten absinces a semester. Also that the tuition would go up and my finacial aid woudl go down, putting me way in debt.