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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


What a great question to answer, since I find myself thinking about my younger days. First let me begin by saying Iwould start by listening to my parents when they told me," graduate from school, not having any children, and go straight to College." Secondly, I would have taken the idea of receiving an Art Scholship seriously and went straight into a 4 year University received my degree. Thirdly, I would have went to College right after graduating High School because it's harder now trying to attend school while trying to take care of my children on my own, and traveling back and fourth from school to home.


If i could go back i would tell myself to focus more on my grades, i made pretty good grades but it could have helped more with scholarships. I would tell myself to take up the CNA program instead of the Customer Service Specialist Certificate that i took up and recieved. Because it would have helped out in the long run. Im in the Medical Field with my school and by me having my CNA Lis. it would have helped me understand better the Health Field. I would have told myself that college is no joke. You either have to get on or get out. If you let it, it will spit you up and chew you out. I would tell myself to just hold on and keep my head up!!!