Baker College Center for Graduate Studies Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Due to limitations of online school, my academics were straight forward and had to limited interactions with others. The forums is a big help and usually professors and other students reply in a timely manner.


Academics is very competitive at my school. Since you go to an online school, academics is the one thing that we all have in common. Class participation is very common, and even in some schools required on a daily basis. I think that Baker Online works with its professors to make sure that everyone has a tailored experience when taking a class. While my professor may not know what I look like, they do know my name and they do pay attention to what I have to say. Also, Baker Online gears its students towards getting a career after graduation. They make sure that you have the tools needed to succeed after their courses. All in all, Baker Online is a very well rounded school, and I couldn't be prouder of the school that I am attending.


The academics at Baker are great. All of my teachers have all known my name, and always send emails and phones calls when I needed help with anything in the class. I feel that the teachers are there to help me and not just to teach and earn their paycheck. The school has hired teachers that love to teach, and do very well at teaching the classes that they do. The teachers also all seem to have a very heavy background in the profession that they are teaching classes on. I am currently going for Human Resource Management, and my favorite class that I have taken was my speak class, due to giving very in depth speaks through webcam each week. I feel that the education that I have received is geared toward me getting a job when I am done, and also getting involved with other students and through the Baker sites such as their Facebook link can keep you in touch with other students, and others throughout the school.


My least favorite class has been math. It is very time consuming online, you must watch the lecture, complete practice problems and then complete problems for your homework.


Instructors interact very much with students. I personally enjoy the technical/computer courses. There is quite a bit of class participation. The school's academic requirements are challenging but fair. The school is dedicated to preparing students as much as possible to be successful professionals in the career field of their choice.


The academic setup is well organized, Baker students are expected to be focused and determined, the courses starts out easy and then offers challenging assignments as the course progresses, being a business management major, I've tackled courses from Conflict Management to Human Resource Management, each course is six weeks and for online students you are expected to actively participate 5 out of 7 days by submitting posts in the discussion board and completing the required assignments, this must be done by 11.59 p.m. Eastern time. Every course has it's own rewards and the career center is geared towards helping you secure a job anytime.


The classroom environment is very fast-paced and requires students to prepare for the work environment where deadlines are short-term and have high expectations for quality. Each course is only six-weeks long, which requires students to read as much as 4 chapters per course, 5 days of classroom participation posting, and completion of many assignments in a 7 day period.The assignments are prepared by curriculum specialists to maximize learning of specific course objectives and prepare for practical application. Professors are hired due to practical experience in the field and are able to offer great advice and insight to their students. There are often other students that have or currently work in the field and are taking updating coursework. As a Finance Major, I have met many experts in the Finance field with over 20 years of experience. I have even set up phone meetings for networking with other students that work in the field. So you do not necessarily lose the advantage of contact in an online school. Baker College is considered a career college and lives up to its title. The Career Services division ensures that students are linked to a Career Advisor and that they receive training in resume writing and interviewing tactics. Most Finance courses through Baker College are delivered online and prepare students for the increasingly technological community and environment that students will be introduced into after graduation. My favorite courses have been Macroeconomics, Marketing, Emerging Nations, International Financial Markets, and Women's studies. I have enjoyed different projects that require creativity and research for these courses. Baker College also provides a large focus on global perspectives and diversity.

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