Baker University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are outgoing and they like to have a good time but when it comes to studies everyone focuses on what is important.


My classmates are extremely hard working and dilligent when it comes to their studies, but are also very caring people outside of the classroom.


My classmates are unique, diverse and of all ages, they make things interesting.


My classmates are very tight knit which makes the baldwin campus special, this year we've faced a lot of tragedy and it has only brought us all together.


Everybody works together very well. All my classmates have always been very helpful and nice! So far I have made a ton of friends because everybody is so nice and caring! One of my favorite things about my classmates is that they're always wanting to make study groups so we can work and learn together.


Baker University is known for its family-like community; we are not only close in extra-curricular activities, but we are also very close in the classroom.


My class mates are alot like I am: focused, fun loving, caring individuals.; there's about 8 of us who have classes together several times a week. We're kind of like a family away from family for the most part, I completly trust them.