Barnard College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I honestly can't think of a bad thing! The meal plans didn't really work for me and my schedule which was frustrating.


Despite being at a co-ed university, it's actually very hard to meet guys.


The senior thesis- it isn't optional like it is at Columbia, and it's tedious.


The Acting Major in the Theater Department. There's no training method, just random classes you could take in workshop anywhere, and it is a travesty for a school in New York City with a Theater Major not to have some sort of industry showcase for graduating seniors.


Tests. but everyone has to take them, right?


Our reputation as "stupid sluts who couldn't get into Columbia." People think we're less than them because we go to Columbia, but we're just as smart as they are!


One of the few negative things I can think of about Barnard is that it can sometimes get a little fee-happy. For instance, late registration can cost $250. But I think this is common at most schools, and if you're on top of your stuff you can avoid all the fees.