Barnard College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Barnard College is a high-quality, but also a small liberal arts college; consequently, it will not suit persons that seek a large university experience. Those interested in specialized majors (such as nutrition and hospitality), as well as those that are interested in agriculture-related studies will find Barnard unfulfilling. If you are also the kind of person that want a more hands-off, larger student-to-teacher ratio type of classes, do not choose Barnard. Moreover, those who dislike large cities like New York City, should not attend the school.


One of my best friends at Barnard ended up transfering to another school during our sophomore year. She loved the classes, and her friends, but she couldn't stand to be so far away from the natural environment she grew up in. If you are someone who needs the great outdoors on a regular basis, Barnard can be a very frustrating place to spend four years.


narrow-minded individuals, those who cannot handle the intense coursework and academic expectations.