Barnard College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school provides a loving and cooparative educational environment while also giving access to a rigorous and competitive educational environment at Columbia University. This mixture allows students to seriously challenge themselves academically while also providing a saftey net.


It's got a great sense of comraderie. The girls really stick up for each other and really bond. It gives its students a great sense of empowerment.


The best thing about my school is the competative atmosphere in a fun, intellectually stimulating, and exciting environment. What can be better than going to school in New York City?


The cozy, contained, centralized campus lends an easy sense of community. Lodged in the heart of NYC the location could not be better.


I love that I can take all the advantages of being in the City, but return to a quiet, residential campus free of all the downtown distractions.


The college's historic affiliation with Columbia University; it opens up many doors and provides many opportunities because a lot of people in the professional world believe it's an official college of Columbia University. Also, the accessibility of the deans and the sense of community they provide ; we actually have a chance to know our deans personally. The quality of the education is superior to any liberal arts college in the country.