Barton College Top Questions

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When you get a glance at Barton College, you only think about the size of the school. Yes, Barton is pretty small, but that is what makes it so great. We all feel like we're in a home away from home. Everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. Just like in high school when you're walking to and from buildings, you end up saying, "Hi!" to a handful of people before you even get to your classroom. Barton is a place where people feel good about being themselves.


I love that Barton is a really small school. The other school that I considered were much larger school and I do not think I would have done well in a larger school. Everyone here is so friendly and ready to help at any given moment.


One thing that makes my school very unique which seperates itself is the student population because one can have hands on help with their professors. Another unique quality that i strongly like is that Barton has been around for a long time and it carries alot of clout . Also in todays market for jobs that quality to have is great. Especially for my major, (Political Science).


My school is smaller than most colleges. This is an advantage for most college students because it gives them the opportunity to suceed by taking advantage of the close relationships that are made possible between classmates and teachers. Teachers at Barton College take time with their students to make sure they understand and feel comfortable with in-class material. This creates for less confusion and allows more chances for excelling in academics.


Barton College is unique compared to other schools I visited such as North Carolina State University, and University of North Carolina at Wilmington, because at Barton College I'm not just a number in a classroom. My professors know my name and strive to make sure that I'm getting the education that I need to succeed in the real world. Barton is smaller than most state schools, but way bigger than a community college. If I had gone to NCSU or UNCW, I know that I wouldn't have been as involved as I am at Barton.


We have a track called the Barton Mile. The Barton Mile is the distance around the school, which is a mile.


Small classes, reasonable tutition, reasonable off campus housing, low crime in area


It is small and they contacted me as soon as they received my application for admissions. This single act clearly made me seriously think this is the school for me.