Barton College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If given the opportunity to go back to my senior year of high school, the first thing I would tell myself would be to enjoy every day I have there. I would try to convince myself to never take a single day for granted. I'd make sure to capture every moment of senior year in my iPhone, so that I could look at the thousands of pictures when I'm sitting alone in my dorm room. The safe, comforting feeling of being a "big fish in a little pond" is soemthing that you should cherish for as long as you can. The very first semester of college made high school seem like a breeze. I'd probably even scare my own self by saying, "...and you think you're stressed out now, just wait!", because it's the truth. College brings on all new stressors, making you realize that the things you stressed about in high school were usually petty. Most importantly, I would tell myself to let go of the past and whatever was holding me back from completely being happy, and to focus on every positive thing that shaped me into who I am today.


It’s inconceivable to motivate the direction of a high school senior, especially in matters where the individual is obtuse in matters of continuing their education. If given the chance, I’d take matters into an entirely different direction. I’d make the subject identifiable to this senior. The absence of an college degree quite simply is suffering. In delaying any attempt to further your marketable skills, you force your unrealized talents to be the slave driven by the economy of the grossest dregs. Such examples would involve working at McDonalds, digging ditches, (breaking your back), and being viewed as the small masses of the depraved and lazy citizens who garnish little or no respect. Ideally, the concept behind such a discussion is to help the individual realize just how close the wretched claws of oppression and suffering are close at hand. By instilling a tenable, and realistic fear, (which is the truth), the offspring of this realization will be to take accountable steps toward furthering their education. Be helpful in accomodating them in every daunting step.


Your high school senior year is supposed to be the time of your life, and for me it was. Senior activities, homecoming, dances, prom, graduation, all that good stuff. But, it's also supposed to be the year you transition yourself. The year you get ready for the day you enter the "real world". SAT's, ACT's, finals, scholarships, college applications. I had all that stuff ready to go, or so I thought. My entire senior year, I spent all my time having fun, that going to college was the last thing on my mind. Boy did I regret that. May of senior year, the month of graduation, I was told that I wouldn't be able to graduate, and I found out that I was 11 weeks pregnant. You could only imagine how I felt, and everything that was going through my mind. But, if I knew then, what I know now, I would tell myself not to wait. Don't procrastinate on your future. As a mom, I only want what's best for my daughter. So, I would also tell myself, that education is your key to a better future. Don't take it for granted.


If I could go back to my senior year and sit down with myself for a talk, I would simply tell myself to take high school more serious. While in high school I did very well academically, but I didn't actually take it that seriously. I realized in my first two years of college that I truely didn't know how to study. However, I learned how to study very quickly. Even though I have never struggled in college, it still would have been extremely beneficial to already have acquired this skill before college. I think this is something most seniors in high school don't do. They enjoy their last year of high school almost too much. While enjoying one's senior year, they need to evaluate their skills and make sure they are truely ready for what is ahead.


College is a great oppurtunity that gives you the chance to create the pathway you want for your future. It's best to know what you want as a career so you can start taking the right classes you need to help you get there. Although college is fun, you have to take it seriously because it doesn't keep giving chances like highschool does. Time management is very important. If you can manage your college life with your personal and work life, it will be a lot easier. Getting your work done and studying for tests are very important because it reflects your final grade. It's up to you on how much effort and passion you have for what you want to major in to become that successful and happy person. Your future depends on the choices you make now and in your past so take that first step to make way for a brighter future.


I would tell myself to get out there and make new friends as soon as possible. It took me a little while longer to make friends than most people. It would have helped me out with the transition from high school to college. Also, I would tell myself to focus on school and only school. College isnt hard unless you get behind. I value my education and would have never wanted to get behind like I am now. I am slowing catching up and I plan to focus more. I would also tell myself to not let outside problems affect my education. It can definitely affect your grades as I have found out and I am not okay with that. Other problems need to stay out of the classroom because those you can handle later. School is now and if you mess up, you may not get another chance.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be better prepared for college by researching a variety of majors before my high school graduation. This would improve my first semester of college by allowing me to start the program for my major. I would also advise myself to set long term and short term goals for where I wish to see myself in the future. By setting these goals, I'd be able to look back on the past to evaluate my accomplishments. However, I feel that I am on a successful track with a declared major and goals that I have recently made for the future.


This is a very simpe question to answer: Make good, nay, GREAT grades! With great grades in highschool, college is practically free. No searching for financial aid or scholarships. They find you when you have great grades. No thinking of witty ways to ask for money on sites like these. Oh and keep up with math. When you asked yourself what the hell I would be using precalculus for when I older, the answer was college.


Always put school first. Grades are the most important thing for your success later on in life. While grades are important so is having a social life. You can still attend all the parties that you want while keeping a high GPA.


If I could go back to high school the biggest advice I would give myself would be to have been in Student Government Association. I was a leader in high school and am a leader at Barton, but I think joining SGA would have been better. My leadership in high school dealt with only sports, but expanding my horizons back in high school would have helped me be more open about taking the chances given to me today. Through my first two years in college the only leadership I had was on the softball team, but when I realized I was not being myself I started to become a leader in different clubs and organizations throughout campus. Being in SGA specifically in high school would have given me the chance to change the school, even at a small level, and that is something I have decided I want to do in college. I want to make Barton a better place after I’m gone than it was when I first arrived. I believe I did that in high school, but I think I could have made a bigger change if I took the leadership opportunities when I had the chance.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stay pretty much the same when it comes to college life. I was an early college student so I was already in college classes at the age of 14. I would tell myself not to stress so much and too relax a little more. I would tell myself not to put limitations on anything—life, love, school, work or anything else. I would make sure I knew that I can do anything and that college at a four year school is almost the same as it was in high school. Just that the work is more strenuous. I would tell myself to continue to have my head on straight and not to stray from what I wanted. Although I love the college I go to, I would probably tell myself to apply to more schools. Maybe even an out of state school. I would make sure I knew that life goes on no matter what life throws at you. I would tell myself everything will be ok.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself a lot about college. I would start off by saying that it is going to be a tough ride being a nursing major but you can do anything you put your mind to so do not give up. I would tell myself to stay organized. Organization is the key to it all. If it was not for my planner, I have no idea what I would do. I would also tell myself to be more out-going and step out of my comfort zone. That is something that I have done this year and I love it. Life is so interesting when you step out. I have joined Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and made life-long friends this year. The last thing I would tell myself would be that time-mangement is very important. I had to learn that the hard way. I love being a college student at Barton and I cannot wait to see what else this college has to offer me.


If i were to go back in time as a High School senior, the advice that i would have given to myself is to be a little more dedicated to my studies because my father ,which is a vietnam 100 {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} disabled veteran. And I want him to be proud of me , which he says he really is. And I really believe him.


I would advise my self to have friends with the same or better vision for life than my self. People we associate with have an impact in our lives. Have a role model to look up to and seek advise before making a major life changing decision in life. Get some financial training before heading to college. This will save me from messing up my credit with poor spending habits. study hard to maintain better grades. This will avail many scholarship opportunities and improve changes of going to the best universities.


I would tell myself in High School, to make it count. What you do in High School does matter and you can receive many things for being successful in High School. Join clubs, play sports, volunteer, etc. All of that experience can help your way through college and make your experience to the next level an even greater one. It will open doors and give you opportunities that you didnt think you had, such as scholarships, placement options, job options, and sports options. Go all out in High school, because you will not regret it.


I have learned to manage my time way more. This has been valuable because I am a better person and student for this.


I grew up in a small town, and i recently moved to long beach for school. I have learned so much in these last few months, and i feel like college has made me grow into my own person. Comming from a small town you could say i was a bit sheltered, moving to the city has been a whirwind experience and i have loved every minute of it. I have delt with many new challenges both tramatizing and exciting and i'm looking forward to more challenges whether they are good or bad. I know that no matter what i go through or have already endured that i will just continue to gain strength and my own self identity. College has introduced me to many new people that i will hold close to me for the rest of my life. My roommate is a influential girl that has a great time but knows what she wants in life and is directed towards her goals. I have learned a lot from her alone and hope to meet more inspiring people along this wonderful journey. I would be so greatful if you would consider me for this opportunity.


My college experince has helped me to interact with others. I have learned that some people are more difficult to deal with, but you must see pass that. I interact with others everyday because I am majoring in athletic training and I must help those who are injured or ill. I am glad to have chosen a collge that allowed me to have hands-on experince and introduction classes during my first semester. I use to be a very shy person and I am becoming more outgoing every day by meeting new people. I really feel a part of my campus especially because I am now a member of gospel choir,dance team, and athletic training club. I also work on campus as an orientation leader. The courses that I have taken allowed me to learn a lot, but I value the education because I worked hard during my high school career and I love to learn.


I would tell myself to pick the right friends. And to study. That is the best thing todo while in college.


If I could go back to give advice to my younger self, I would have a lot to say. Mainly, I would tell myself that high school is not the most important thing. The friends you make in college will be the ones that you will keep in touch with throughout life. It is hard to adjust to the college life-style but the most important thing is choosing a college that fits you. Pick a school that you know will give you the best advantage for succeeding later in life, whether it be a large or small environment. Remember to stay organized. Organization and time management skills are important keys to excelling in challenging courses. College classes are unlike high school classes. Teachers will not constantly remind you to do homework or remind you of upcoming tests. It is up to you to look after your best interests. Act responsibly but do not forget to enjoy the experience. Have fun and participate in campus activities. Getting involved in your school is the best way to make friends and learn more about adjusting to college life. Lastly, don't worry. Everything is gonna be just fine so enjoy the ride!


Looking back, I would suggest to myself, "Stay on top of your work at all times. If you don't work you don't eat. Stay focused on your goals and keep your eyes on the prize. Don't compromise with procrastination or distractions. That does not mean that you can't have a break or have time to have fun, but remember what you are there for."


The only thing I would change is I would have started back to school about ten years earlier than I did. I knew what I wanted to do after high school and actually got my associates degree in criminal justice. At the time social work was only offered during the day. I have to work. During the time between starting to school I worked and did a lot of volunteer work in social work areas. The experience gave me more of a realistic perspective , that I actuall did want to further my education in social work. I believe things work out when they are supposed to.


Always do the best you can with what you have, where you are because you never know where it might lead you. There are connections everywhere and you never know where you may end up. Make your choices based off of what you want instead of what someon else wants. It's your life and you only live once. Try to save up as much money as you can, so you have something saved up after graduation.


In country music singer Brad Paisley's words,"If I could write a letter to me," I would definately tell myself not to be worried or scared of the college experience. I had so many people tell me to buckle down and be ready for non stop studying and paper writing. Yes, studying and paper writing is a part of college life, but college is more about learning and discovering more about yourself and your abilities to get a job done. In high school, teachers were constantly reminding students to do their work, etc., but in college, students must complete the job themselves if they want to succeed. I enjoy this because a student usually ends up in a class that is full of students that are ready to learn. High school students do not need to fear college or the college experience, they need to look forward to learning more about themselves and entering this new phase of their lives.


Some advice I would give about finding the right college is to visit the campus, talk to admission counselors, go to some of the campus events before enrolling in the college. Try to talk to students who went to the college before and stay in contact with the business office because they handle alot of your information. Also attend orientation because you get to meet alot of people in your class. To make the most of the college experience talk to your professors, don't br afraid to ask questions, and get to know your peers. Also participate in campus events and trips. Overall college is what you make out of it but overall don't forget to study, eat properly, and get plenty of sleep. Also use campus resources such as writing center, computer labs, health center, and counseling if needed.


Although selecting the college of your choice may seem easy, it can be very difficult. I found myself struggling between three colleges of my choice, but am so glad with the decision I made. The best advice I can give to anyone who is having trouble or is curious on how to choose the right college, is to tour the campus and ask yourself if you can really see yourself going there. Only you can be the judge of what you truely want in your college experience. The best way to make the most out of your college experience, is to just simply be open to meeting new people and getting involved! Even if you don't play a sport or want to join a fraternity/sorority, there are other options such as intramural sports, clubs, and other campus activities that help bring students together in the college community. Not only will being involved allow you to meet other people, but it will allow you to enjoy your college experience as well.


When searching for colleges to attend always put education first, then location or social life second. Always pay attention to a schools reputaion when it comes to your major.


College is what you make it. I had heard this before I went to school from numerous people. I actually found a lot of truth in this statement. A student can make college exciting by making new friends and doing well, or he or she can make college miserable by sitting in his or her dorm room and becoming depressed. My advice for choosing a college is visit the campus and meet the residents of the college. Afterall, the students are the ones that can give you the REAL experiences and background of that particular college. For parents, being supportive of your child's decision of where he or she wants to attend college is critical. I mean in the long run, the child is the one who has to deal with the college for the next four years. Finding the right college is different for everyone, but for me, I knew I wanted a small college and a small professor to student ratio to gain more attention with my studies. These are things that should be thought about previously and researched before choosing a college.


Be sure to visit the college before you accept the offer to attend or even apply. Make sure that its the type of enivornment that you can succeed in.


Visit the campus before deciding, speak with alumi, current students, get max finacial aide,being open minded, thinking outside box, ensure school will meet both academic and personal desires, diverse student and faculty population


My advice would be to tour the campus, talk to current students or alumni about their experience, talk with professors in the department in which the student is interested, know what kind of environment is best for the student to learn in, whether it be a big environment or a small environment. I tried a big university and found that it was too big and when I came to a smaller college I was very pleased with my experience a lot better.


Make sure you pick a school with a community your child would enjoy. Make sure you know what activities and places there are in the city or town you decide to go to, because that is a huge factor in what your child's going to be doing in their social life while they are there at college.


Choosing where you want to go to college at is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. My advice to all of the students and parents out there searching for the right college is to actually visit and take the time to learn about the good and bad things about each school your interested in. If you know what you want to do or what you want to major in, you should talk to a student who currently attends the college and see what they think about it. Some colleges may look pretty good when your listening to the orientation leaders or counselors, but are not what they seem after they have your money. Secondly, once you are in college it is important to have time management skills to organize yourself and to juggle sports, classes, and your social life. Getting involved in some type of club or organization is the key to meeting people and will help you to make the most of your colege experience while having fun. Don't be afraid to meet new people and to ask for help when you need it.


You need to research the schools you plan to attend early in advance of applying. Arrange campus visits to get a taste of what the campus looks and feels like to the student.


They should visit campus if possible. I am a parent of two children who both attended and graduated from ollege and I feel that because they each visited the schools it enabled them to chose the best school for them. I was not able to visit before deciding but felt comfortable with my decsion and now that I am here I am sure I made the right decision in picking Barton.


If you want your child to have an amazing college experience, make sure that they are happy with the place in which the college is located. I would have to say that the environment around you is much more important than people may think. If you enjoy the location, you shouldn't have any problem adjusting to college life and making friends, as well as being successful in your classes.


My best advice is to look for what you want your major to be and see how well the department is known at the school. Also ask current students about the social life to find out what there is to do, because students are the best resources, since the staff just wants people to come.


When being on the search for the "right" college, always make sure that the one you end up choosing is one where you feel like it could be considered a second home. Once you're there, enjoy it to the fullest, because as much as you could do it again, it's tough the first time around. Education first, then the rest later. Your priority is your education, that's how you make it far in life. Get involved in school activities, clubs/organizations, and interact with the people around you. I know I don't regret choosing my school because they are my second family, and they're always with me, even though I've only known them for less than a year, and that's how it should be with you too. Remember to have fun and live your life, but always be smart about the things you do, because in the end, it'll always come back to you one way or another.


Make sure that your college choice fits your personality. Ensure that you know what you want from college and what you can give.


Don't just look at the college for the party life and such look for what the college offers. My mother always told me that you will have time to party after you finish.


Go with your heart and go where you want to go and not ur parents choice! Its your education not theirs