Bay Path University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think the type of person that shouldn't attend Bay Path is someone who likes to party. It is an all-girls school that is located in a small town.


Someone who is negative, not looking to help others or be willing to work with others probably wouldn't be happy here because everyone is always upbeat and encouraging you to participate, join groups, and attend different events.


Someone who is not open-minded or is disrespectful of other's ideas or background.


This is not for the traditional student. This school is dedicated to women, and I feel that if you are not a motivated woman, you will not appreciate this kind of environment.


A person who starts drama easily, or cannot stand a steady load of classwork should not attend this college as this would only be frowned upon and make it more difficult for them to attend.


People who want to party. It's a dry campus, very focused on academics. It's not for people who want to party all the time, at all.


Some one who wants small class sizes, wants to get to know thier professors doesn't mind living on a dry campus and wants to be involved in extra curricular activities. Oh yeah and can live without boys in the classroom.


The only type of person I would see that would have a problem at this school is someone who is closed-minded, and is not accepting of differences in people.