Bay Path University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how rude some of the people are.


I wish I had known that there was no cafeteria. This sounds stupid, but the all-day Saturday program is awful with only a vending machine available.


before i came to this school, i wish i either looked around more for schools that would fit my future, started at a community college to save up my money, or learned how much it was going to cost me to go to such a grea place and started to save earlier.


That it was a small all girl college


I wish I knew how much drama there would be in an all girls college, before I came. I would of also liked to know before hand that I would be extremly home sick, being 2 and half hours away from home. Also know that you shouldnt come to college while in a relationship because it makes your time in college alot more stressful because you worry more about them then anything.


I wish I had known that I wanted a larger school. I wish I had known that an all women's college is not bad, but I would have like a co-ed school more because being around only girls for so long can get tough. I wish I had known that I wanted to be closer to my boyfriend. I wish I had known what the food quality was going to be like.


I wish I'd known there would be so many lesbians and that there weren't many activities on campus.


Nothing i am content with my school.


I wish I had know that a school like Bay Path had existed long before now.


not sure


How nice the teachers are




That the food service had such a poor budget and poor planning. The food was very good for what they had available to them, but as a person with dietary issues, they weren't great at accomdating for it unless it would lead to a medical emergency. Also, to make sure you really have all your stuff in order before commencement because they don't figure everything out until you're gone, and you need to keep up with them. I had an issue with credits and they didn't contact me, I had to contact them about it.