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Is the stereotype of students at Baylor University accurate?


No. There are kids who come from wealthy families and those who are very involved with their faith, but that can be found at any college. We have a large Greek presence. Many people join a fraternity or sorority in the spring of their freshman year, but if that’s not for you that’s okay, as well. We also have the athletes and band kids. Most people are members of at least one organization. There is something for everyone at Baylor.


The stereotypes are NOT true. In my Religion class, the person both in front and to the left of me are both Muslim, and I know many people who are atheist or agnostic. My religion professor put it well when he said "Our goal is to educate, not indoctrinate". Outside of Religion class (which by the way, you only need 6 hours of Religion out of your 124 hours to graduate. THAT's ALL), in my other classes, religion is seldom mentioned in the classroom. Baylor is one of the nation's top universities, especially for Business and Science programs. I chose Baylor over other schools such as UT, A&M, and others because Baylor easily has the best Pre-Med program in the State of Texas and one of the best in the country. By the way, I'm not rich. Not many students are. So the stereotype that it's a bunch of rich kids going to Baylor is not true. I'm from a family where my dad has been unemployed for almost two years and my mom works part time. I'm actually making money coming to Baylor, because of my academic scholarships. I strongly resent this article for saying that Baylor is one of Texas's pricer options; Baylor wants the best and the brightest to come here. If you're smart enough, it's not expensive at all (and in my case, I actually received several scholarships in which I will actually be receiving more in scholarship money than what it costs to come here). Obviously there are kids here who do come from rich families, but guess what, it's college. It's like that wherever you go.


Not at all. I have tons of friends of all races, and more than 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students at Baylor receive some sort of finanical aid. There are people at Baylor of all faiths and denominations, and I have meet some of the most deeply Christian people here.


This may describe about a third of the Baylor population or less. While we do have our share of snobs, there are also a lot of down to earth people who may have a lot of money or be there on scholarships. And yes, we do drink a lot of Dr. Pepper since our only other option is RC Cola (Gross)


Although there are a good number of "rich kids" here, there is a good number of not so rich kids as well. Despite the stereotype, you would never guess half the people that have money do. Most people carry themselves in a very equal manner. There is also a good number of girls who, of course, would love to find their husbands here, but despite that, they are still part of the amazing student body that Baylor has. There is such an ecclectic group of people here that have these amazing hearts. I have never met people more willing to serve one another.


Only for a small percentage of the student population


The first no, the second...well if you pulled out 100 students at random chances are high 99 of them will answer yes if you ask them if their major is pre-med or business.


For most of the students this may appear true, but there are also quite a few on scholarship and federal work study. Many students work their way through college and aren't all that preppy.


I would say that this stereotype is accurate in about 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of Baylor girls.


No. Of course those people exist, I'm sure there's some at every university, but there's a very diverse representation. Most of the people are broke college kids.