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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No. There are kids who come from wealthy families and those who are very involved with their faith, but that can be found at any college. We have a large Greek presence. Many people join a fraternity or sorority in the spring of their freshman year, but if that’s not for you that’s okay, as well. We also have the athletes and band kids. Most people are members of at least one organization. There is something for everyone at Baylor.


The stereotypes are NOT true. In my Religion class, the person both in front and to the left of me are both Muslim, and I know many people who are atheist or agnostic. My religion professor put it well when he said "Our goal is to educate, not indoctrinate". Outside of Religion class (which by the way, you only need 6 hours of Religion out of your 124 hours to graduate. THAT's ALL), in my other classes, religion is seldom mentioned in the classroom. Baylor is one of the nation's top universities, especially for Business and Science programs. I chose Baylor over other schools such as UT, A&M, and others because Baylor easily has the best Pre-Med program in the State of Texas and one of the best in the country. By the way, I'm not rich. Not many students are. So the stereotype that it's a bunch of rich kids going to Baylor is not true. I'm from a family where my dad has been unemployed for almost two years and my mom works part time. I'm actually making money coming to Baylor, because of my academic scholarships. I strongly resent this article for saying that Baylor is one of Texas's pricer options; Baylor wants the best and the brightest to come here. If you're smart enough, it's not expensive at all (and in my case, I actually received several scholarships in which I will actually be receiving more in scholarship money than what it costs to come here). Obviously there are kids here who do come from rich families, but guess what, it's college. It's like that wherever you go.


Not at all. I have tons of friends of all races, and more than 80% of students at Baylor receive some sort of finanical aid. There are people at Baylor of all faiths and denominations, and I have meet some of the most deeply Christian people here.


This may describe about a third of the Baylor population or less. While we do have our share of snobs, there are also a lot of down to earth people who may have a lot of money or be there on scholarships. And yes, we do drink a lot of Dr. Pepper since our only other option is RC Cola (Gross)


Although there are a good number of "rich kids" here, there is a good number of not so rich kids as well. Despite the stereotype, you would never guess half the people that have money do. Most people carry themselves in a very equal manner. There is also a good number of girls who, of course, would love to find their husbands here, but despite that, they are still part of the amazing student body that Baylor has. There is such an ecclectic group of people here that have these amazing hearts. I have never met people more willing to serve one another.


Only for a small percentage of the student population


The first no, the second...well if you pulled out 100 students at random chances are high 99 of them will answer yes if you ask them if their major is pre-med or business.


For most of the students this may appear true, but there are also quite a few on scholarship and federal work study. Many students work their way through college and aren't all that preppy.


I would say that this stereotype is accurate in about 60% of Baylor girls.


No. Of course those people exist, I'm sure there's some at every university, but there's a very diverse representation. Most of the people are broke college kids.


For the most part, yes. There's always exceptions to any rule, however, and Baylor has all kinds of people to meet and experiences to offer.


The Baylor administration itself is more Christian than I expected. The professors are almost always Christians, and there are more extracurricular spiritual options. Not every student is Christian. Most of the Christians however are genuine, normal people. While there are many rich blond girls, it turns out that they're nice, and they stay in their own circles. Normal people can easily find normal people. Lots of people find husbands lots of people don't. It is easy to get in, but it's getting harder. Everyone I know was pleasantly surprised about the difficulty of the classes and the workload. I genuinely feel like I'm getting a great education- better than a state school.


To me, none of them are. People here are just like other people, nice or mean or aloof or different every day. There are still big parties, there is still swearing and sex and other such things. Depending on your perspective, either Baylor is NOT welcoming to all regardless of beliefs or Baylor is gradually kicking out their own claimed beliefs. Sure, we have some really nice people and some really good things going, but it is nothing like I expected when I entered the "largest Baptist university in the world."


It applies to a few, but it is definitely not something you can say about the whole university!


above answer


these can be accurate, but really there's a lot of students that don't follow this stereotype


you can definitely find some people that are like this but overall i found baylor students to be friendly and sincere


To some extent, yes. I think this is because I35 seperates Baylor from Waco. And yes, a lot of girls do get a ring by sping and some that do not get pretty disappointed.


No, these stereotypes are not accurate. Some kids here do have to partially, if not fully, pay their way through college and our moms and dads do not freely hand us over money. Not everyone who goes here is Baptist. I'm Catholic and I attend a Baptist university.


Yes and no, you have the girls who are simply there for their MRS degree, they just want to get married. There are also nerds, jocks, punk rockers, and frat boys. There is a huge mix of people at Baylor, but generally speaking, most students are rich, white, and LOVE Texas. Many of my friends, and including myself, are not very happy at Baylor. In fact, many students appear to dislike many things about Baylor. Baylor's president is flushing the school down the drains, and sooner or later, no one will want to go to Baylor. The school is too strict and hypocritical. Talk about a sense of about a place where students log onto a gossip website to trash talk about each other! If you really want a sense of community, do not look at Baylor.


Actually, for many students, yes. But definitely not everyone. There are plenty of level headed people who are working to pay for this school for themselves. But there are also plenty of people (women especially) who are addicted to "daddy's credit card".


Yes and no. I think all college students live in a college bubble but Baylor's is worse because we are in waco and we stay within our campus more often.


Well, I'm sure many students from other schools would make comments on how stuck up and filthy rich we are, and for the most part, they're right. I don't include myself with these people, and I'm certainly not talking about every individual at Baylor, but there is a large number of people at this school, both students and teachers, who behave as if they own the world.


There are definitely a LOT of people like that, but not everyone at Baylor comes from a wealthy family. I certainly don't! But one good thing about having a "financially blessed" student body (and therefore a well-funded university) is that Baylor is able to provide a lot of great services and facilities that you might not find at a state school.


1) yes 2) for the most part 3) HELL YES


For the most part


To some extent, yes. Baylor is predominently white, and many are from well-to-do families and do want a "ring by spring."


The "snob" stereotype is accurate for a higher percentage of people than other schools I've been around. The most abundant accumulation of these type of people exist in the Greek system. That said, there are still many students in and out of the Greek systems who are indeed down to earth, but you may need to look a little hard to find them. The religious stereotype is less accurate. There are a lot of students, more so girls than guys, in whom it is obvious that they hold their faith very close. However, it is college, and at one point or another, you will find most all students here will throw their inhibitions to the wind.


A little. We are shelterd somewhat but that can be a blessing. When you are first getting to college you are bound make mistakes and go crazy. However, I feel like Baylor doesnt let you go too wild. You are surrounded for the most part by people who have morals and values and were brought up like you. There are fun things to do here and its not like going to church camp by any means.






Because of the cost of coming to Baylor, I'm sure that this is somewhat true, but I personally have to work very hard to be here. I know a lot of people who are here on scholarships and work very hard to be able to come to Baylor! Not everyone who goes to this school can afford it!


Not at all, people here are just regular broke college kids for the most part.




A lot of us are here on scholarship and ethnicities vary. The private, Christian university does seem to have a calling to "MRS degrees" and the term "Baylor girl" is used to define the vast majority of the female student body in a negative connotation in refrence to their dress, attitude, and acessories. And while most classes are quite difficult, we're actually good at most sports besides football.


baylor students are smart but come from diffrent backgrounds. So far everyone i have encountered at the university is very nice and will help you with anything even if they just met you.


To a certain extent, yes. But not completely.


No these stereotypes are not true. There are, however, rich and snobby students on almost every college campus including Baylor. Baylor is a private school so we take a lot of hits about things like this.


only partially; just a portian of Baylor students fit this stereotype


These stereotype is not entirely accurate. I mean there are some rich, stuck-up students, but ever college has a few of those. There are also students that come from wealthy backgrounds, but they did not act stuck-up, they like to kick back and hang out.


see above


Not at all. Baylor has a good racial, religious, and economic diversity. Baylor often goes overboard to contrast these steriotypes.


Actually they are. As one who does not fit the mold (I am a male with long green hair, walks barefoot, etc), I am looked down on many times by many people. Even walking to class I get frowns or weird looks. Of course the stereotypes only include the white population at Baylor. Which is the vast majority. Oh yeah, everyone either is rich, or just dresses that way. Fads are extremely popular; a popular style will come in, and a significant amount of people will dress accordingly. There are many open minded Christians, but there are many more closed minded ones. Gays are hated. Muslims and catholics are many times looked down upon. There is a big Hindu population, but no one really touches on that. Claim you are a buddhist, shintoist, secular humanist, daoist, atheist, or anything else considered "exotic" and you will be condemned to hell, literally, by bible thumping fundamentalists.


Somewhat. Not to the extent everyone thinks they are.


After spending countless hours on campus, I can honestly say that I have never met a more accepting group of people. Not one person that I have met is preliminarily judgmental, nor are they unwilling to include anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or anything else.


The first stereotype is untrue; much of the student body is unapologetically Christian, but they're hardly going to hate you for not being one of them. There is a healthy diversity, and even healthy controversy, in ideas political, religious and aesthetic.


There are people here with money, but not all of them are those who have never had to work for anything in their life. Most people here are genuine. A lot of students do come to Baylor for the christian atmosphere and are very religious.


NO. of course some people dont party and of course some people are too conservative and bible beaters but the majority of people are laid back christians that party and dont judge others for what they do.


for the most part, yes


The school does have a lot of higher class students in attendance and you will see cars that cost more than your entire tuition...but it generally isn't a problem. Also, not all Baylor students are perfect Christians. We have our fair share of parties and the problems associated with them.