Baylor University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Concervative Baptists, preferably with enough money to pay for the $50k/year tuition. If you want to go greek, great! No greek houses here though. Someone who wants a decently sized, but small school. Nursing students beware, the Nursing school is in Dallas.


Someone who is willing to work hard and who genuinely wants to be on a campus where they will grow academically, spiritually and socially.


A spiritually guided individual and academically excelled individual should attend this school.

Eryn Taylor

Any student thats interested in a high quality education with many opportunities!! Eventhough this is a private college, there are many scholarship opportunities!! My Mom is a widow, but through FAFSA and the partial scholarship I received from the School of Music, she was able to pay for this awesome University. It's the best decision I have ever made to go to Baylor.


Any kind of people can attend Baylor, however I believe only those who are deicated and want to get out of collge in 4 years or less should attend Baylor.


Anyone who wants a great education. There are things for everyone to do here.


A person who wants to succeed and does not mind a small town.


Wealthy students who are serious about their education should attend Baylor University. The quality of education here exceeds most universities. That said, Baylor is one of the most expensive universities in the country. Students should also enjoy the heat because it seems to be 100 degrees all year.


I would recommend Baylor to someone interested in being highly involved in something specific. Whether it is Greek Life, Church/ministry, athletics, or specific social clubs, Baylor is the type of university that it really helps to have a niche that you're comfortable in. It is in this niche where students at Baylor find their place, not only as individuals, but as friends.


Students who have an apt for learning and exploring new excitements are encouraged to attend Baylor. Baylor offers many different and diverse activities for all kinds of students. Go Baylor Bears!


A student choosing the Baylor Nursing program must be willing to study. An outside job is not adviseable. You must also like people and be a team player. Everyone, from the custodians, to the nurse practitioners, are important and contribute to the success of patient care when working in the hospital setting. You must be able to take directives and remain professional at all times. In nursing, it is all about the patient and giving them the best possible care, time, and consideration. A nursing student must be compassionate to the patient and to the family.


A person looking for a great sense of community and a strong education should apply to Baylor University. The campus boosts of many social clubs while keeping its academics in high regard. One definitely feels the Christian values on and off campus. Most students that attend Baylor also attend a church in Waco. The people here are very open and friendly. The faculty is amazing and they strive to help you throughout you college career.


Someone with a religious background, someone who likes school spirit, someone who wants to do well and excel in life


If a potential student is looking for an exciting college experience with great sports and challenging academics then Baylor is for them


Anyone who is looking for a friendly, Christian, family-oriented environment accompanied by a top notch education should attend Baylor Universtiy.


Baylor University offers many activities and organizations to become involved in. The student that attends Baylor should be outgoing. He/she should be willing to aid in service to the campus and surrounding community. This school is all about service.


Anyone, actually, but it's highly recommended for National Merit scholars.


A student who is looking for a home among those who are focused on their education should attend Baylor University.


A person who is open to religious education taught alongside evolution, and a person who is very social would fit in best at Baylor. However, it is not necessarily true that there are few safe places to be alone at Baylor. There are parks and museums where one can go to collect their thoughts.


A strong willed person, ready to be challenged academically as well as socially. Its a new world, but every step is worth the journey along the way.


Anyone can find a place a Baylor. But if you want a school that roots itself in Christianity and defines the cliche of Southern Hospitality, then Baylor is perfect for you. And it's great for that person that doesn't want to go to a huge public school, but doesn't want to go to a little bitty college either. It's the perfect in between. Small enough to make you feel at home, but big enough to have all teh benefits and opportunities your might be looking for.


Someone who is dedicated to learning and is looking for a down to earth grab on life. Baylor has begun to "Transform" me into the person i want to become in the future. Do not get me wrong though, not only do you have to be serious, you have to also be able to have fun. If you are unable to do this then you might want to reconsider a different school because in all honestly. Baylor is the school to go to.


a person who is enviornmentally conscious, a friendly outgoing person, and a willing to have fun. a person who is interested in many things from radio to greek life. If you are more academic, then you should lean towards the senate or class council. but there also people who are interested in video games or giving back to the community. a person who is conservative but also liberal with the ability to debate with the best of them.


I would say that the typical Baylor student is driven, slightly ambitious, fun, loud, interested increating lifelong friendships, and wanting to succeed in his or her major. Students should be open-minded to the multitude of cultures and the celebration of diversity. Also, students should have an interest in sports (especially basketball! Sic 'Em Baylor Basketball! Top 10 teams!).


Anybody can go here and find a group to be accepted in. It is pretty diverse as far as religious, socioeconomic, and political backgrounds.


someone who is driven academically, as well as someone who is more on the conservative side. The typical Baylor student is someone who knows what they wasnt to do in life. Baylor is not for everyone. Typically, the average student is someone who is religious.


anyone's encouraged, really.


Students from all kinds of backgrounds. There isn't just one type of student and Baylor is actually a pretty diverse school. While most students come from well off backgrounds and are slightly preppy, most students are willing to talk to others even if they don't meet that same status quo.


It is hard to say what kind of person should attend Baylor because I do not want to stereotype the students. Religion and community service should be a big part of someone's life if they want to attend Baylor. Those are two things that are very important to students on campus.


Someone who is friendly, outgoing, and a determined student. They must be serious about school and furthering their education. Someone who likes to interact and be involved with school should go to Baylor.


Someone who wants to do well later in life, but still wants to have fun now. Someone with good values, someone who wants to make friends for life and feel proud of their school


A common Baylor bear trait is pride. Not pride in a selfish sense, but pride for our school and studies. We believe that Baylor is setting us on the right path for our futures, and that it is an essential step to get us there The kind of student that should attend Baylor is one that would not be ashamed to proclaim they're a Baylor bear, put be excited to share it. Being a student Baylor is not about how intelligent you are, but about being known for your integrity, your friendliness, and most of all Baylor pride!


A person who is seeking to grow their knowledge while at the same time growing their spiritual relationship with God would be a perfect candidate for Baylor. This school offers many different opportunities for it's students to participate in missions, prayer services, and community service for the less fortunate in Waco and all around the world. A person who enjoys giving back to his/her community and realizes that there is more to the world than just his/her selfish needs would fit in perfectly here at Baylor University.


A motivated student.


People who are excited about life and passionate about learning should attend Baylor University. Baylor is a great fit for those who strive to excel academically and those who are looking for a loving community. The student population is around 15,000, so students do not feel overwhelmed or feel like just a number. Students are welcomed and invested in by professors and staff and there is a genuine interest in student's lives by professors. Baylor University is a unique campus and is sure to be a great experience.


Baylor is a very open school even though it is proclaimed as a Baptist school they are very receptive to other religions, sexual orientations, and lifestyles. It's like high school all over again and there is something out there for everybody.


Because of Baylor's southern baptist reputation most who haven't visited the school would say a good baptist church kid is the type of person who should attend BU. But after living here a semester I can say most people I've met here don't fit into that mold. Most of them don't fit into any one type of mold. The one thing everyone I've met at Baylor shares is compassion. And BU is great at providing service opportunity's for it's students to give back to the community in Waco.


A person who wants to be around good, moral people who are trying to be the best they can should attend this school.


A Christian student whom is successful academically and is also interested in campus life. The student must also enjoy volunteer work or missions trips because this school is full of them and wants many students who are willing to help others out.


Anybody can attend Baylor. It is the most welcoming community I have ever been a part of. A person who aspires to excell and grow as a Christian would have one of the most amazing experiences of their life. A person who loves to be around people all the time would enjoy the small classes and friendly professors. Baylor is a great school for anyone who has the privelege to attend.


People who should attend Baylor should be honestly nice people. Any type of person, who is willing to learn, can be positively influenced from such a wonderful group of people. Everyone here cares about their future and is working toward success.


I wish everyone could experience Baylor University! It is such an amazing place filled with great people. It is such an open environment that welcomes everybody. While I do wish everyone could experience Baylor, it is not for everyone. The strict attendance policy means that a person can not be a slacker and hope to get through here. Also, the work is not easy. A student must be prepared for long hours of study. While the work is hard, the classes are fun and the teachers are willing to work with anyone. It's a great experience!


everyone should come here if they get the opportunity to. if you are looking to grow in and out, spiritually, in confidence and self esteem. this place is simply beautiful with not just the scenery but the people here are ever so friendly and caring. if you like sports, then perfect because everyone gets revved up for our football, basketball, baseball and tennis teams. if you like clubs, baylor has tons of clubs from boat club to swing dance. this is a place where you can be yourself and have people respect your individuality.


Baylor University is best suited for students who are seeking an education founded in Christian faith. Baylor should not be written off as a "conservative" or "Bible thumping" university, however. Though this university does require minimal study of the Christian heritage for every student, it also offers extensive courses that provide insight into our biological past. Baylor harmonizes science and Christian values in a way that allows each to support the other, providing a more liberal atmosphere than expected. Baylor is a great university for any student, no matter what their upbringing.


The kind of person that should attend Baylor University should be extrememly dedicated to their studies and looking to form a relationship with God or expand the relationship they already have. A person needs to be respectful of their elders. A person should especially want to have fun with the diverse people that come to Baylor University.


The kind of person who would probably feel most at home at this school would be an academically ambitious, outgoing, sociable, charitable, possibly religious person. You don't have to be religious, but many of the campus activities center around religion, and the majority of teachers and students are religious.


I believe Baylor is a great place for people who are looking for a great private education as long as they don't mind paying a private education price. People who tend to like a slower paced, less diverse, smaller campus should also consider Baylor as their school of choice. As a pre-med student, Baylor really caters to my needs as a hopeful medical professional, and someone looking into the health care field should pick the university as a top choice.


Some one who is serious about getting an education. This is not a school to come party and just chill. Its hard work to come to this school, but it is very rewarding.


I feel that everyone should attend Baylor. It is a good school and is very open to everyone. People are very non judegemental and very welcoming. Baylor students have school spirit and are proud to be Bears. Baylor University has amazing academics and has most professions.


Baylor is the home for any type of student. Baylor students are dedicated, hard-working, and passionate about their school work. At the same time, they balance their academics with involvement in student government, community service, greek life, and social activities.