Becker College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Becker is a small school. This is one of the school's greatest advantages, because it gives students the benefits of more personalized instruction, small classroom sizes, and a more intimate college experience. However, Becker's small size is also one of its downfalls. The overfamiliarity with staff can sometimes be burdensome for students, particularly upperclassmen, when core professors know students cliques and close friends, and begin asking them and holding them semi responsible when one misses a class, is late, etc. I've even witnessed an instructor asking one student to call another about an overdue assignment. This is not the student's responsibility. On the other hand, I've witnessed professors going above and beyond to help a student get into an internship, achieve success in their classes, and boost a student's morale. I've also seen staff who are very personal and caring about the welfare of the students they serve. This is the part of Becker I wouldn't ever want to lose. Becker has a beautiful small campus. It lights up the middle of the Worcester, however space is limited so parking is a nightmare and tickets are atrocious. Becker's professors are very knowledgeable and dedicated, most give thought provoking assignments and projects, and all know their subject matter inside and out.


Becker is a small private college, located about 8 min from downtown, it has 2 campuses one in Worcester and one in Leicester. Students spend most of their time in the Hawks Nest (Worcester Campus) and Hawks Haven (Leicester Campus) which are lounge areas form students. The library is also a popular place because there are private rooms that you can reserve if you want to do study groups.


The best thing about Becker College is that it offers some majors that many colleges in the area don't offer, like Graphic Design, Game Design & Development, and Interior Design. The school is located in very good location and its close to everything, downtown, clubs, park, grocery stores, banks, etc. The college itself is not large not too small, its a okay size. Becker College is a well known school in Worcester MA, though it might not be on the level of some big name school in here, but i personally think its a good school.