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Caring faculty and individualized attention.


I love the smaller classes, it allows the professors to consider you a student and person and not just a number. The teachers are all engaging and allow and encourage students to ask any question. I would have no problem going to my teachers to ask them for help in something I didn't understand. I love the campus and the location in Louisville, that probably is most unique about Bellarmine since it sits up on a hill and is in a suburb of Louisville so away from the hustle of downtown.


Bellarmine has small class sizes and professors that truly care about their students and how they do in their courses. The campus is beautiful and the school offers great financial aid to most if not all of its students.


--------------PARENTAL WARNING------------------ Bellarmine claims to be a safe Catholic college with a focus on community and service of. The reality is Bellarmine is a university that has a focus on drinking and vandal majors. They do not care about community, and I can assure you, doubly assure you -- If your child doesnt have a drinking problem now, they will when they leave. research carefully, walk around the surrounding neighborhoods and Bardstown Rd. on a weekend before making your decision. If you DO want your child to learn how to drink and disrespect other peoples property and quality of life, Bellarmine is a good choice, but there are much cheaper places to get that same education and save more more money for the booze. As a parent myself, I WOULD NOT recommend Bellarmines alcohol soaked campus and spoilt, entitlement-prone, thug-student population to anyone. Its a type of education no one needs.


Bellarmine is a very personal school. Most of the advisors and staff are willing to go out of their way to help the students, especially in the music department. It is as if they all realize we are on our own for the first time, many of us miles away from our parents, and when needed they step in and advise us.


More then 88{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students study abroad in other countries. I was one of these people and had a great time expanding my cultural horizons and learning about another way of life.


Bellarmine University is a one of a kind school and I realized this when transferring to Bellarmine as a sophomore. I am so glad I made the choice to transfer to Bellarmine and continue my education there. Bellarmine has a friendly and personal staff. I was also very welcomed into the University by the students. I love the Education program that I am involved in and I love the quality of the school. I was most pleased with the many activities that go on for the students on campus. It has helped me make many new friends.


When I first came to Bellamine for a visit, what stood out to me the most was the family like environment. As the students walk down the hallways, we all speak even if we do not know one another. Also, at most schools you only see the President of students when you are in trouble, but at Bellarmine you will see the President each and everyday, which shows that he is concerned about our future.


The classrooms are small so there is more time to get help from the professors. At Bellarmine your not just a number you are known by your professors your name.


Bellarmine is the perfect size, being a relatively large university with many resources, activities, fields of study as well as being small enough that it is a tight-knit community. The professors in each department are extremely knowledgeable and actively involved in their field of study but they also personally know many of their students, and they recognize if a student is not present in class. I see your professors at school events; they approach me and tell me that they are glad that I am taking part in the community, which is a great dynamic unique to Bellarmine.