Bellarmine University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Bellarmine University?


I tend to brag about how small the class sizes are, thus creating a better student-professoe relationship. I also brag about the beautiful campus. Another thing I really love about Bellarmine is the access to Learning Communitites.


I love love love my classes and the amount of students in each. It allows teachers the opportunity to learn about students and what they want to achieve out of their program and about their life in general. I have no problem going and asking help from any of my teachers and feel like a real person when I walk into school and my professor's know my first and last name! I am not just a number to them and the labs on campus have top of the line equipment that helps the learning experience!


When telling my friends about Bellarmine I talk about the homey feeling. As soon as you come to campus or have any contact with anyone from there they make you feel like family. The campus is warm and welcoming and open to anyone. I loved this about the school and feel like this is where I am meant to be.


Bellarmine University has many qualities to brag about. One quality about Bellarmine University that I love the most is the Education Program. I feel very involved and have already been placed into classrooms and have experience. Being placed into classrooms as a sophomore has made me want to try my hardest to be the best teacher I can be for my future students, just like the staff members at Bellarmine.


As a student at Bellarmine University, I would have to say that all teachers know your name. At Bellarmine University, you are not just a number. The classes are small and as a student you receive individual help from teachers and previous students.


My school is a very diverse community filled with various cultures and people from all walks of life. And we as the people of the school get a long very well. Our campus events are heavily populated with all types of people. Students make an effort to come and support their fellow man, regardless of the event. Be it cultural, open discussion, informative, or just for plan fun. The campus makes for a good learning experience academically and socially. We live together, we play together, and we learn together. Gaining knowledge from our professors and experience from our peers.


I brag most about the education I am recieving. The Professors are top knotch and we get paying for a higher education then most of the other colleges around.


Doesn't really know much about the school yet.


Bellarmine provides a great education but what I brag most about is probably the great classes and how much the teachers help you. At Bellarmine you really do have a bond with your professors, especially those in your major, and they really do learn your name unlike in bigger universities. They all make an effort to help you with whatever you may need and it is very easy to see how much they want you to succeed at the university.


I brag to my friends about the reputation of Bellarmine University. When asked where I attend college, everyone always says the same thing. "Wow, Bellarmine is such a good school!" The fact of the matter is, Bellarmine is a great school. The campus is the perfect size; not too small and not too large. All of the professors are very caring and will do whatever they can to help. Just the fact that I attend Bellarmine University is bragging enough.