Bellarmine University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Bellarmine was an extremely expensive school when compered to other local schools. That is the only negative thing I have to say about them.


I feel trapped here. If you don't make enough friends, you feel very judged and out of the loop.


The size. Like I stated before the number of kids actually attending the school is so few that word gets around fast


The worst thing seems to be either campus security or the shuttle service. Campus security does not inform the students of events as well as they should, and the shuttle service is not consistent with times.


The parking, because we are a growing community so we need more!


The cost is the worst thing about Bellarmine. Though the school does offer great financial aid, it also has an extraordinarily high tuition.


The price tag. Simply because it is more expensive and can therefore be a strain on the wallet. Nobody likes to worry about being able to pay for things in their life. But that's a sacrifice that we make to get the education that Bellarmine offers.


There are not many bad things about Bellarmine., but the worst thing is definitely parking difficulties. There are enough parking spot, but they are really far away and it is almost impossible to find a place to park if it is after 11am. Freshman parking isn't fun either.


I have been enrolled in Bellarmine University for five months and I would have to say the amount of diversity is the worst thing on the campus. Although there is not much of a cultural melting pot, everyone at the school is accepting of every race. I appreciate the emphasis the school is putting on trying to diversify Bellarmine University. There contributions are showing in the statistics and that shows the amount of care in the school.


They are trying to do too much, and are trying to become a larger school than they need to be. Parking is limited and hard to find, especially with them adding more students every year than they did the previous year.


Its small size. Because Bellarmine is small (about 2000 students) there is a strong population of white, upper middle class Catholics. This gives little to diversity of opinions and cultures. Sometimes it gets old being around a bunch of people who are just like you.


The worst thing about my school is the fitness center. It is very small for the amount of people who use it and the athletic teams are usually taking up most of the space. It would be nice to have a facility with classrooms for the exercise science and physical therapy department as well as a separate place fot the athletic teams. By 2020, my school plans to have a better recreational area.


Right now I attend UK. I will be transferring to Bellarmine in the Spring 2010. Uk is extremely large and lacks the personal level of education. I am a number. I am not unique. I was told if I wanted more financial help, that I should get married, get pregnant or my mom should get divorced. Very innapropriate answers to my very real questions and concerns about paying for college myself.


Their dining facilities, their food choices are expensive


The only bad thing about my school is how the campus is situated on two hills. The Quad is on one hill (where all the classrooms are located), and the dorms are on the other hill. In order to get anywhere, you have to walk uphill.


Parking because unless you get there very early in the morning, you have to walk.


Sometimes there is a lack of social life other than partying or going out to eat and the movies. Bellarmine is not diverse at all and is pretty homogenous. Since it is so small, there are not a huge variety of class choices outside of what is required for your major. It is super expensive and sometimes you wonder where your money is going. These things can hinder a student from growing and experiencing life and get different views from what they are used to growing up so they stay the same instead of grow and open up in college.


I don't really consider anything to be bad at my school. The environment is different because I go to a school outside of where I lived before. There are some things that could be better, but I am satisfied at my school.


I think the food service, though it continues to improve year-after year, is the worst aspect of campus. The variety of food is poor and the hours are not extensive.


Although I enjoy the small community setting, campus sometimes gets boring, because a lot of students go home or travel off campus.


The worst thing was probably the social life. There is not a lot of it on campus.


This school allows teachers who have reached tenure to get away with doing unjust things to the students. Like not helping those who have a learning disability. I have one teacher who is the head of both departments for my double major, he's also my advisor, and he's also the teacher of 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the courses offered within both majors. If he won't assist you then you are out of luck.


Only because of it's location. It's 4 hours from my home, which I love but at the same time hate.


The problem that I have with Bellarmine would be a problem that I would have with any university. I strongly dislike the way American colleges conduct semesters, and would suggest moving to what some European countries do. They operate on quarter semesters, taking two or three classes for two months at a time, allowing them to focus more closely on the material. Taking six to seven classes over the course of almost five months can be overwhelming, and sometimes not all of the knowledge sinks in.