Bellarmine University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I obtainted a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bellarmine University in 2011. I feel the faculty and staff really cared about their students success and future. I would recommend this University to anyone.


The small student to teacher ratio. It helps with getting to know your professors and not feeling like you can't get to know them and not feeling like you are just another student. This relationship should help not only with getting to know them, but with helping your academic career while you are here. Your professors are here to help you learn and get a profeesion with your major. Get to know them and learn what they can do to help you succeed.


The best thing about Bellarmine is their campus, it is new and very clean. Everytime I'm on their campus I feel like I am at home, and that I belong there.


excellent teachers


Bellarmine is a very good private school and if you are interested in Business, Nursing, Physical Therapy, or something within the field of these mentioned categories then Bellarmine is the place for you. The class sizes are small so the teachers know you by name, and the campus is small as well so you get the know everyone. By the end of your time there you will have met some of the best people just like you who you will be freinds with for life. Bellarmine also offers a great study abroad program.


I love how my school is in the heart of Louisville, yet still in a smaller residential area close to several parks and away from the hustle of the city. The school itself is a great size, not too small or large for my learning environment. The campus is on a hill which helps out with keeping the pounds off that most college students gain by living on campus. Everyone on campus is extremely friendly and helpful including the students.


Small class sizes and close networks of friends are the best things.


I think the best thing about my school is the ability to meet new people and to get to know new people on campus easily.


The help from teachers and staff. You can always find the person you need.


The small size and the community atmosphere it fosters.