Bellevue College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Bellevue College is the 3rd largest college in Washington State after the University of Washington and Washington State University. They have a reputation for providing excellent 2-year University transfer programs.


Transfer Students.


Bellevue College is known for one of the best colleges in Washington State. Bellevue College is largest college in Washington State. Bellevue College offers Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Interior Design. As well, BC offers Applied Science degree in Imagining Science, Radiation. BC?s athletes are part of Northwest Athletic Association. Bellevue College is also known for winning different awards. Some of them are National John L. Blackburn Award for Exemplary Models of Administrative Leadership, Microsoft IT Showcase School, etc.


I think it is best known for its diversity.


I first heard about Bellevue College because I was told they had one of the best online programs in Washington. And after over a year of attending, I am so glad I made the3 decision to go to BC. Their online program has surpassed it's reputation. I can imagine that soon their program will be one of the top in the nation.