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Bellevue University was my number one choice to attend for a Bachelors of Science Business Major degree. This campus is military friendly- best I have seen so far! They allow CCAF credits to transfer and suffice for the general courses required for the degree. I love how military members were the cofounders sitting in a bar that started it all for us. That fact alone, makes me feel very connected and comfortable going to this school. The military heritage makes it more unique than any other school I have researched as of yet.


There are quite a few things that made Bellevue University catch my attention. The first thing is that Bellevue University is a more mature campus where I was able to focus strictly on my academics. I really liked the location of Bellevue because I am able to get the big city feel while not actually being in a large city. I really enjoy the classroom sizes and how personable all the staff is. I was interested in Bellevue University since my sophomore year of High School due to the psychology program and the transferable credits.


I had over 100 credits and bellevue was honest and did not lead me around like Kaplan. I enjoyed my 3 years at Central Community College but it was taking to long. I work 70-80 hours so i am a full time student and work overtime, bellevue is flexible and allows me to work to pay my medical bills and also finish the education I have spent so much time and dedication to.


Bellevue University really focuses on international students and is very accomodating to all students who are coming back to school after taking some time off for family or job purposes.


I honestly did not consider any other schools because I knew what Bellevue University had to offer and I knew they offered what I wanted.


Bellevue University's online accelerated degree program is one of a kind in that it allows all of my prior college credits and my previous employment to count toward my Bachelor's degree.


Bellevue Universtiy is unique because it's online classes are actually legitimate. When I was looking for schools, I wanted something close to where I was raised (where my entire family still lives) since I live in Texas, so they could see me graduate. Going to campus wasn't an option for me which made this school stand out and prove perfect for me.


The instructors anr very friendly and dedicated to promoting the sucess of their students.


Bellevue University is unique because it offers an International Securities Intelligence Studies course that suits my needs as someone in the intelligence community. This course offers a class schedule that that is vastly underrepresented in the U.S. higher education system, considering its importance to our national security. These classes combine international relations, national security, and grand strategy to better prepare me for the future. Anyone involved in the intelligence community or foreign affairs civil service should not only want to enroll in the ISIS program, but be required to.


Bellevue University is a unique place to attend college. I enjoy the small classes,caring teachers, and atmosphere. Being from Bellevue myself, the University is a perfect fit for me. It is close to home, which saves me time and money. I was looking for a college where I would be known by my first name instead of refered to as a number. At Bellevue University the teachers know me by my name! Bellevue is known for a brillant graphic design department which is right up my alley!


The school has been extremely helpful throughout my entire process. They have really showed me that they care.


Accelerated Program


Bellevue University is truly real learning for real life. The professors have experience in the real world and are great at providing real examples that relate back to the material that you are studying. Their expertise really helps to understand the material as well as use what you are studying in the workplace. In addition, Bellevue is great at asking for feedback about the courses that you take. Each class they ask that you fill out a survey of the course and then they actually use the feedback to improve on their courses.


The accelerated program is the most unique part of this university. Most can graduate one year after completing two years at a community college.