Bellevue University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Constant computer updates which can cause issues on assignments.


The only negtive that I can address is the fact that Bellevue University seems to be more expensive than others schools.


The worst thing I can consider about Bellevue University is there were no partnership with my community college when I graduated from Bossier Parish Community College in the Spring of 2013. At time of graduation, there was one university with an agreement with the community college for my major health care management. I was accepted to attend but there were no online classes available upon register for my classes and had paid my admisssion fees. After one year, I hope Bellevue University will not let me down and I able to obtain my bachelor degree.


The worst thing about Bellevue University is the lack of communication with the student.


I attend on-line classes. In this environment, so far the worst thing I've seen is that some aspects are difficult to navigate but with practice become earier.


I really can't think of anything bad with the school.


The only bad experience I had in the beginning is not being able to have face-to-face contact which is very important when taking online classes, but once I talked with someone, they made my transition very easy. It would be nice to have at least one face-to-face encounter whether it be via facetime or webcam. As with any organization, job, or business, there are pros and cons, but my one bad experience with getting started at Bellevue was triumph by all the good that came afterwards and still continue to unfold as I journet along.


I have not attended any courses as of yet at Bellevue University. I start in March 2013. I have had no bad experiences with this university as of yet and hope not to.


I have not begun classes yet but the enrollment process has been great. All things in life have their pro's and con's but I have yet to experience any of those con's.


I honestly cannot think of one bad thing about Bellevue University. I have had nothing but an absolutely positive experience here. My questions get answered immediately should I have any and I feel that I am getting one amazing education that will serve me well here in the real world. I cannot recommend Bellevue enough to my family and friends.


If I had to name the worst thing about the school it would have to be location. I take online courses through Bellevue University and love them. All of the instructors/professors that I have had were wonderful. The staff that I have encounterd are very knowledgable and caring. When you speak or email your academic counselor about questions that you may have, they respond back in a very timely manner. The reason that I say the locatrion is the worst thing about the school is because I live in Cleveland, Ohio.


This is a hard question. I have attended most of my classes on-line and have had a very positive experience. All personal encounters I have had with students and facility have been positive as well. The campus is newly remodeled and very functional. The only 'bad' part is the bookstore. To me, it appears small and is still separate of the main campus instead of part of the facility as a whole. This is good in that if all you want to do is go to the bookstore it is easy to find. Otherwise, it is hard to find.


The worst thing about my school is that their online courses do not have scheduled weekly chats with the professor and students.


I have not seen any flaws yet at Bellevue University. The structure here is unbelieveable from the sports to the classrooms.


I find the discussion boards hard to respond to because some of my classmates have been writing very poorly with little to respond to. It is hard to be a part of an online class with such diverse levels of learning.


There is no on campus living. I feel if there was on campus living, there would be a better intraction among students.


The tuition rates, in my opinion, are too high for this school. Other State Universities nearby are cheaper and do not charge more per credit hour for online courses.


I wouldn'nt consider my school as a bad school because it gives good education and everything thing i need. I also get a lot of help.


I am studying online so I dont really known much about the physical school.


I think that the worst thing about my school is finacial aid. Although they do not have much control over the fact that the government takes your parents information even if the student is paying for their schooling by themselves.


The worst thing about Bellevue University is the lack of faculty on hand in several buildings to assist students in finding their classrooms or in understanding what services each building provides.